By Sonika Asif, Master Money Code Holder


There's a major difference between a spiritual business and a spiritual empire.



It's precision in energy and action that creates overflow.

 Without overflow and momentum, you have a business, not an empire. One pays your bills every month. The other gives you luxury.


This Academy is your portal to the spiritual empire of your dreams. When Sonika first built this Academy, it was her attempt at showing herself that she can actually do this. She can actually launch something, and win big (considering she had failed multiple times before).


 She had no idea that this course would not only draw in hundreds of people in the first round itself, but that those people would go on to create hundreds of thousands of dollars in a matter of a few weeks.


This Academy is 6 live weeks of training with Sonika herself, talking all things money, energetics, client attraction, sales, and empire-building.


Aside from the live training, you also gain access to her vault of recordings from the first live round of the Academy.


  • A $70M+ land deal
  • $5k days
  • $10k days
  • $15k days
  • $30k months
  • $50k months
  • $100k months (and days)
  • Full paying clients
  • $100k launches in 3 weeks with almost no following
  • $50k sales over messenger (no sales calls)

The amazing thing about Sonika's trainings, is that she shows you how to create an empire that's right for YOU. You will bend the rules, or break them altogether.


But you can know one thing for sure: You will create the spiritual empire of your dreams.


"When this Academy started, I was practically afraid of sales. Now I'm having a blast and I've hit my 5K goal for the first month since starting my biz! Thank you Sonika Asif"  - Donna Kirk
“Paid for the academy last night. Sold my first $1100 package (in CASH) today and received an Apple computer as a gift within the same hour. I always thought about giving discounts and offering an installment plan but not anymore. I’m on a roll!!!!” - Rima Singh
“Just made my first ever shadow-free sale. Holy fuck, is this what it feels like? ..... but also... obviously. $6000 AUD ($4116 USD) for 8 weeks 1:1 the highest price I have ever charged. The sale is to an existing client. SUCH a change from the first sale to her. It was actual magic. It was the easiest sale I have ever made, because it was CLEAR of shadow.” - Ash Summers
“Wanted to share my results from this group so far! Received a free trip to Hawaii for me and me kids ($2000) we leave Sunday.3 Women so far have joined my Self Love Affair Intensive ($6,300) My original decree for this group was $5k. It is now $20k and I'm freaking jacked up excited! I've made more money in the last week in my business than I did all year last year.And I just signed up for Sonika's Deluxe Money Code Activation. Can't freaking wait!”
- Olivia Bollman
“10k in less than a week, from my sunbed at the beach on a tiny Greek island during the most 'inactive' week of the whole year as in Greece and whole Europe this is the week that almost everyone is on holiday!!! This is what my saboteur was telling me when I decreed 10k this week: you are insane and silly - there is no way you will do this This Week! I fucking did it, my Love! Thank you!!!!” - Sofia Beloka
 "I’ve discovered some really beautiful realizations that I value over the last 2 days & I’ve been sticking to some hard boundaries, regardless of consequence all day today (& yesterday).  AS a result, I just booked another $1500, there is $495 on hold (not for long) in my PayPal account and 5 minutes after that another $500 with $1,000 in route by  Wednesday & there is SO MUCH MORE on the way! For once, I actually am CERTAIN of it."
"Launched my 5-Day accelerator a couple of days ago, already at 30 members. I decree 111 members by the 23rd when the event begins.I’m receiving crystalline clarity and intuitive insights around creative and engaging ways to share my expression and promote the accelerator ..like elegantly genius ideas and connections to cultivate to amplify the energy flow.Closed a $5K sales today, have $4k incoming in the next few weeks (business that came through since the soiree) and another $8K of new clients who I will close this week...and now that I think about it I have another $8K contract for an old project (With a  Dream A level client) which has been on ice for a while which I can give some energy too and bring back to life whenever I choose...damn...I’m just reflecting on this now..fuck..there’s money everywhere if I CHOOSE IT!”

... And there are tons more.


Spiritual Empire Academy is $1500 and is a
six-week digital experience.