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There is a new consciousness hovering in your field. It sits right below the current grid you are operating on, invisible to the naked eye. It is cold and dark. It threatens to dismantle everything you know to be true.


And yet... you are intrigued. Drawn to the edge of current consciousness. Curious about what lies in the deep dark, beyond the world of Law of Attraction and New Age Spirituality. Beyond everything you've ever known.


You've heard what all the gurus have to say. Each one serving their speeches on a newer, nicer platter with their own unique lemon twist. But deep down you know it's still all the same.


And you wonder if there's more. If the reason you can't bring yourself to operate like the rest of the Light workers out there is because it's not actually who you are.


You are right. You are not a Light worker. You are a Dark worker.


You thought you were being called to the Light.


That was simply to cause you to stand and start walking.


The Dark is your true destination. 

This whole time you’ve been struggling and stumbling along your spiritual path, you’ve been doing so because every time you hear the call of the Dark or catch a glimpse of its presence on your way, you judge incorrectly that this indicates you are falling *off* the narrow path to awakening and freedom, rather than being GUIDED off of it.

Off-path is the only way to your Youest You.


And yet, at the beginning, you would only be willing to walk toward what you could imagine or believe you could endure. 

And so it was necessary to mislead you with the Light, with well-traveled pathways, with the enticing breadcrumbs of the known.

You are now standing at the place in the forest where the treads of other feet disappear. Where the packed earth ends and the brambles and thick undergrowth begins.


This is the moment when you either turn back to the civilized, lit world of your ancestors and the lineage of your shared struggle or step into the dense, unfriendly terrain of the unlit unknown, where deep in the center of this living labyrinth sits a menace to all you know yourself to be.


Some have called it a raging bull-man who devours the innocent; some, an innocent-looking Crone secretly hiding a wolfish hunger for all of you; some, a doubled-over old woman in love with shoving the innocent into her stove. 

But those are all just stories told by terrified ones who have never been to that dark place and whose fears about it compel them to spread fantastical stories to keep the tribe together, the slumbering still asleep.


Those are the very same ones whose hands scrawled those three familiar words across that famous globe: hic sunt dracones. Here be dragons. (In other words, come home).


We, however, who are native to the place where dragons prowl, where the Minotaur lies in wait, where the wolf sleeps under a grandmother’s nightcap, where a witch cooks children, are here to tell you it is like Nothing you’ve been told.


Or, we could be lying to you.


We do it all the time.


Look at the sheer number of students we think more of them would have become successful by now.

But this business thrives on lies and hypnotizing the average student into forking over thousands of dollars for little to no results.

When you start to realize that things are not changing...we just flip the script and tell you it's your fault.

Cool, huh?

And of course there’s no way you can possibly know the truth from where you stand.


You’ll just have to take our word for it, and step off the path.


You're not here to find your tribe. Because contrary to all the myths of awakening, the monster is not meant to be slain.


It is meant to be set free. Because the monster in all the you.


Luxe Godhead is the Dark Mystery School of the new age. It has arrived to bring forward the mystery school frequency of Luxor, Egypt, and to perform a radical rip-and-replace upgrade to even that most elite energy, because consciousness has reached a standstill, and is in need of something utterly New.


It is not here to be palatable.


It is not interested in making sense.


And it is concerned, least of all, with selling itself to anyone.


This frequency emanates from the Land of the Giants, the terrifying and exquisite and Dark domain of the newest, lightest Light.


And those who feel drawn, will be drawn in.


Enlightenment was never the end of the journey.


This is the Age of EnDarkenment.