Alien Code Activation

Presented by Colleen Morgan, Master Code Holder

Level I


The Dark Code Activation (DCA) updates and prepares your physical anatomy to house Dark Codes and to activate your Genius Codes by opening and setting portals in key organs and systems in your anatomy and installing the blueprint of the Dark Archetypes in these key areas such as your Pineal Gland (Dark Goddess) Pituitary (Blind Seer), Vagus Nerve (Myth Maker), Throat/Dark Heart of Gold (Activator), Spine/Vertebrae (Empress) and the Coccyx (Alchemist) and more.


Level II


The Alien Code Activation (ACA) reveals and activates your Alien/Star Code motherboard. This activation, dubbed “flip the flesh”, goes into the dormancy of your flesh and tissue/fascia/muscle to reveal your star intelligence matrix.


There are fibers in the flesh that are activated by the Diamond Body (installed during your DCA) that releases DNA from your body that is linked to your human (generational) lineage and activates the DNA of your star body (alien kingdom).


This activation begins the design of the Hybrid Human…star intelligence/star consciousness in human form, beginning the process of the GodHead embodiment.

An Alien Code Activation is $1500 and is a 30-minute remote experience.