As I turn 28 today, I take a deep look at what the one energetic quality is that has brought me to the millions of dollars manifested in the last 5 years since I started my business.

I changed ideas a lot. I changed brands a lot. I changed mentors a lot.

But the one thing that was consistent through it all was my consistency, precision and commitment to finding the answer/key/truth to consciousness. To magic. What REALLY creates things in our lives. How to wield this energy and power to manifest on demands.

And I was never cautious. I didn't wait to see if this particular mentor or that mentor had the answer. I leaped in with all I had with each one, and dared to tell myself to stop when i realized it wasn't the answer.

I had no fear of getting it wrong or running out of resources. There's always more.

And today, I have found the key to true manifestation on demand. But it doesn't stop here. I'm constantly building it and carving my unique pathway + genius.

While foundational tools can apply to the masses, what you're truly seeking is your own genius stream, one so massively powerful and phenomenal that it takes the world by storm (like The Secret, but, you know, yours would actually work flawlessly unlike the hit-or-miss The Secret was.)

True Euphoria is really only found when the chains are broken and you fly on your own. In your own genius.

And mine is unraveling every single day. And it will look very different in the future compared to where it is now.

And I'm just so fucking proud of everything I've created.

I create serious euphoria in building empires. (I said create, not find. Euphoria comes from me, unlike searching for a soul purpose).

Imagine discovering insane new psychic abilities and qualities about yourself everyday. It doesn't stop with "ask believe receive". It doesn't stop with "look at your negative beliefs."

That's step 0. And there is so much more.


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