Presented By Naveed A.,
Dark Closer, Artist & Master Code Holder

Closing sales on sales calls + messenger is an art.


It’s more than just reading words.


When you unleash your sales genius, you literally get a download of the prospect you’re speaking to in your mind. Things they didn’t tell you, but you just know.


And when you can sniff out every shadow, you disrupt their entire pattern until they can’t hide anymore... and they have a change of heart + take the leap of faith.


Naveed A. isn’t just a fucking genius at closing sales. He embodies the Dark Closer. Sales come all the way to him. All the way. Into the dark.


He is smashing over $200k per month in sales.


People run from messaging him. Why?

Their exact words: "Fuck, you're really hard to say No to."


They're not wrong.


And now... he’s got a 1:1 coaching spot for you. (Plus a vault of his most kickass sales calls that you get to listen to.)


Want to become an extreme badass at sales?


This is it.


Learn the art of how Luxe Godhead closes “impossible” sales at an “impossible” rate.


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