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Sonika A., Master Money Code Holder
Naveed A., Dark Closer and Wild Card Holder

I have been selling consciousness programs for the last 5 years. And I have sold to lawyers, doctors, business owners, parents, authors, bank tellers and psychologists.

I have had conversations with web designers whom I was interested in hiring, and flipped the conversation to having them pay me 5 figures instead.

I know just what button to press. I know when to hold back. Because I can read you like a book without you saying a word.

This saves me lots of time when closing deals.

One of my sales trainees in the past attempted to close one of my prospects for a $5k program.

She could barely get $1,000 out of him.

“Want to see how it’s done?” I told her.

I took over the conversation and walked away with $8,000 in cash 15 minutes later.

I sold an offer that he wasn’t even presented with at the start of the conversation.

This isn’t a strategy. This is art.

And there are things you can do right now to turn up the heat on your sales numbers.

I’m running my two-part Dare to Deal Masterclass: Badass Closer series next week.

No sleaze. Just style.

Naveed has closed $1M in sales for Luxe Godhead in the last 8 months. He will be joining me on this call to share exactly how to deal with difficult objections and unsure prospects.

This is for anyone in any business looking to increase their sales. Energy is energy is energy.

welcome to Dare to Deal: Badass Closer Series

A two-part masterclass series to help you become a badass closer and skyrocket your sales. Join Sonika & Naveed as they walk you through exactly how to close your prospects and achieve a 100% close rate.

Dare to Deal is $350 and is a two-part digital masterclass experience to become a badass closer and skyrocket your sales.