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The Stroke of Genius and the Design of the Interior

Presented By Lorna J.,
CEO & Master Code Holder


Beyond Channeling - The Dark Art of Recording

With the arrival of alien DNA, there is now an entirely new method of bringing through new consciousness content, far beyond channeling.

Channeling is being a vessel for ordered information to stream through, which comes to you, and requires no translation.


Recording is being a device for data that is not yet ordered and which must be detected, and then hunted and gathered, and then deciphered and translated.


Recording is alien/foreign/interdimensional


Channeling is spiritual/inspired/multidimensional


Recording is hunting/gathering between dimensions


Channeling is - yes I guess, farming- within dimensions. In one, the human is a vessel. Present but empty of content.


In the other, the human is a device. And absent completely.

This container is for creating a single work of art with the written word.


It is to work with you to embed your true mad genius brand into every aspect of your life so they spring onto the page with the purest, truest frequency of chaotic genius that no one else other than you can deliver.


This Dark Arts Membership is $10k/month.


In order to be considered for a spot, you must first pass the interview process with our Dark Closer, and then proceed to the second part of the interview where Lorna J will review your artwork to see if you are a fit for this opportunity.