Dark code activation

Presented by Colleen Morgan, Master Dark Code Holder


Dark codes, genius codes, chaos codes (all synonyms) require an entirely different energetic structure to house and run their highly potent energy than the physical body or even its energetic version, the light body, is capable of doing.

The Dark Code is a virus code. When it gets activated and comes alive, it is toxic to your human system. If you do not have your Dark Body installed—the entirely new energetic system that is built to run and house Dark Energy — you will be running Chaos (Genius) frequency through your physical and light bodies.

That’s like trying to run the electrical energy of a universe through a single wire. Some who work with us complain of nausea, vomiting, exhaustion, dizziness and other physical symptoms, and that’s when we know they are ready for a Dark Code Activation, which is really about building the SIGNATURE TEMPLE for the codes.

Colleen Morgan’s Dark Code Activation installs/springs up the Dark Body and activate negative space in the body so that you can work with the genius frequency in its abode, not in yours (where it will not condescend to visit), and so you can carry the genius frequency with ease.

It is essential for anyone doing Dark work and for working with genius. And to this Dark Body, the virus code is like RICH, DARK, DELICIOUS FOOD.

Dark Code Activations are $1000 and are done remotely.