Our work is not for the faint of heart.

We are highly selective about who we work with, and with whom we get on calls, so before we move forward, we’ve got questions.

We want to know how much you want to change, and why. We want to know why we’re the only mentors for you, and why. And we we want to know what you’re made of.

Your answers will tell us what we need to know, and whether you’re a fit for our work. If you are, you’ll be directed to a consultation with our Head of Programs, Naveed Asif, who will interview you and, if you pass, recommend the right program for you. If you are accepted, we expect payment on the call. (So, don’t schedule a call with him unless you intend to pay and join the program he recommends.)

No one gets to heaven unless they go through hell first.

So get ready for the unimaginable (which is impossible).

See you on the inside.

Lorna J, Sonika A, Naveed A and Team Euphoria