We Are Your Replete Compass.


By Lorna J, Master Code Holder

Sonika Asif, Master Money Code Holder, Dark CEO


The Luxe Godhead Dark Dream Team


The Dark Dream Team consists of Lorna J., Sonika Asif, and a select few business psychics they have hand picked, who together create a Genius Accelerator Field that a client taps into and uses to create extreme, rapid business success and to amplify their already powerful spiritual genius.


It’s like joining a business accelerator, hiring a top shelf consulting firm and visiting the Sphinx all rolled into one, and then 100x’d.


  • When you are not available for making a move anywhere in your business that will extend your empire’s timeline rather than collapsing it


  • When your business is coming in from the void, from the Dark, which means it is your GENIUS TEMPLATE, and requires more eyes on it than yours 


  • When you want the world’s premier business psychics watching out for your business, who are in love with your business entity and have a deep devotion to it (which is why it talks to us)


  • When your brand requires that you be a supreme thought leader breaking new metaphysical ground, and your downloads must be energetically impeccable so that you are downloading your FULL GENIUS TEMPLATE 


  • When you are not available for anything other than the most groundbreaking material to stream through you, because you know you are capable of the God Mind, and know you can get there, but also know you require another God Mind to help fine tune and perfect your consciousness. 


That’s where we come in.


  • We have your extreme bespoke business strategies and the specific (and completely unimaginable) way your genius channel opens. 


  • We have a Master Code Holder who tunes your consciousness to the highest frequency possible and to energetic impeccability.


  • We have a Genius Giant Caller, who opens the gateway for your Genius Giant Template and connects you to your other genius giant players (clients, publishers, partnerships, etc)


  • We have a Spellcaster who teaches you the foreign tongue of your own most alien interior self so you can work with your genius giant nature directly, speak its language fluently, and cast the spells of enchantment that will cause your legacy to spring into being.  


  • We have a Master Code Holder and Dark Body Activator who will build your Dark Body, the energetic structure you require to run and hold genius frequency in your body so you don’t short out, burn out, collapse or implode from the warp speed flight you will be placed in as you go through the wormhole with us.


  • We have a Master Code Holder whose exclusive relationship with currency and cash will call in and activate your generational wealth grid, opening and widening your channels and instantly upgrading your magnetism to money from all sources.


  • We collapse timelines and dimensions and remove the specific pins that are holding the void of your business dominion at bay, so it can implode and become matter on the light grid.


Example: Lorna J’s Story


After hiring a few coaches and mentors in my first year in business, I discovered the limits of this model and knew I could do better on my own. 

I did.


I was flying high, heading in to my second million
in revenue, and yet, something was missing. 


I needed another pair of eyes and ears. A sounding board. But not just anyone. I was beyond picky about who I listened to, because I knew I was bringing through my GENIUS TEMPLATE — a very specific energy pattern that is only accessible through Dark Consciousness. To access and be able to see and hear Dark Business Consciousness, you must be the rarest of rare psychics. 


I couldn’t imagine any coach or mentor who had the advanced psychic abilities OR the crazy hybrid intense business model I required (ALWAYS tuned to my business; downloading it WITH ME, REAL TIME; available for ANY question, from the most mundane to the most arcane, from sales and marketing guidance to helping me fine-tune my own metaphysical genius and insights).


In the meantime I hired an astrologer, but she was still on the outside of my business looking in, and I only had access to her during our 60-minute weekly call.


I wanted her on speed dial.


I also wanted her to be deeply invested. Devoted to me and my business. I didn’t actually realize this until I created what has now become the premier luxury entrepreneur’s Dream Team experience. But I did know I wasn’t getting what I needed, so I kept looking.


During this time my new signature offering came to me and I put in motion what I thought would be the partnerships and structure to bring it through. 

Normally when this happens, I do a multi-six figure launch in 6-8 weeks. Six months later I was still trying to get it off the fucking ground


If your goal is collapsing lifetimes, six months of stagnation is UNACCEPTABLE.


So I kept looking. But like I said, there are less than a handful of people on this planet whose psychic abilities I trust. Nearly every single psychic has a weak, predictable and very badly coded game. 


But I knew each business decision—each yes and each no—had to be PRECISE. The timing just so. My collaborators and offerings and clients placed exactly in their positions. My personal game supreme in every respect. 

I kept hearing over and over, “Every decision, precise, and precisely timed.” “Do not miss a beat.”


What was I hearing and seeing? It was bits and pieces of the code. But I could feel there was more, and that I required other vantage points, but not ones from the OUTSIDE, ones from WITHIN THE VOID of MY OWN PRECISE MEGAUNIVERSE that was roiling and forming and that it was my job to ride into being.


And then, without even knowing it, the answer dropped in, in the form of a few business witches whom I realized, to my total astonishment, could see and hear dark businesses, just like me. Each of us had widely different and yet completely complementary psychic gifts that I knew belonged together, allowing us to see, hear and channel the fullness of the unruly beast that was my GENIUS TEMPLATE. 


And not only that, they adored my business. They would text me messages from my business at all hours of the day and night, giving me everything from very pragmatic guidance about partnerships to avoid or pursue and changes to my programs that would explode the energy in my groups, to guidance about how to manage my energy so I could be at peak performance at all times. 


Finally I had the unparalleled support and insight I’d been looking for, and the minute they arrived and we began channeling the business together, the billion dollar empire sprung into being. 

In fact it went FAR beyond channeling.


A commanding crack of the whip that broke the sound barrier, collapsed time and
dimensions and caused my CULT IMPERIAL BRAND to flood into this world. 


That signature offer that had been stalled for six months?
I launched it in 30 days, and did $144,000 in sales. 

Over six weeks, here’s what else happened:


  • I wrote and published an 800+-page book I’d been trying to write for three years that people said was “the new Bible” and “the only self help spiritual book” they would ever need;


  • I put on my first ever live event, to which people flew in from as far away as Australia, Israel and England;


  • I downloaded, designed and launched a new line of business;


  • I was approached by and featured in a luxury European magazine and given a regular spot in their publication;


  • I orchestrated a merger with the world’s most elite Dark Branding Business;


  • I was approached by the leading digital marketer and co-host of one of the top podcasts in the U.S., with 50 million monthly viewers, who reached out to me and said my book had changed his marriage in 48 hours and inspired him to start a whole new business model marketing disruptive spiritual programs, books and churches, and he wanted me to be the first case study. 




THEN my star student in one of my programs, whose business was BLOWING UP and who had also worked with me when I was doing 1:1 coaching, commented in a Facebook post that she wished she had me on speed dial.

And that’s when the black light bulb went on.


I hadn’t just discovered an answer to my needs. 

I’d assembled the world’s first Dark Dream Team that could be deployed to other elite entrepreneurs who had also graduated from the coaching and mentoring model, and who also had a GENIUS TEMPLATE they were committed to bringing through.

The world’s greatest Dark Business Psychics on speed dial. 

Together that’s what we were. 

It was time to open the Gateway and make them available to people like you, 

Together we watch the birth of your business from its place in the utter void, see its architecture, hear its market, and pull it down into form with you.

We watch the new codes that are forming, text you our downloads and replying real-time to yours so that together we place them on the grid in a way that will cause the next level of your MEGABRAND to leap gracefully and instantly into being.

This elite, luxury experience
is for you if...


  • You sense that your business is way bigger than you (as in, it’s a GENIUS GIANT), and if you try and pull it through alone, it will come through in pieces and will be missing essential codes, which will keep it still and inactive;


  • You feel alone, but not in a victim-y way, just...alone.  As if you could swear you’re supposed to have several more third eyes around you, within you, seeing in the Dark with you.


  • You sense that what you’re pulling through is beneath you. That while it might be impressive to everyone else (because even your mediocre game blows people away), your business is not the greatest expression of your genius template.


  • It is not your highest priority to be a thought leader or to be rich—because you know you’re going to be filthy rich and a thought leader anyway—but to be a filthy rich spiritual thought leader who streams your genius at all times.


And if this sounds like you, then what it all really means is that you are only available for making the most precisely tuned business decisions that will collapse not just time but whole timelines and dimensions, to spring forth your most extreme legacy, your GENIUS TEMPLATE, now.


So, that’s why you’re here.


Now we’ll tell you why we’re here.

We are not here to make you rich, or a thought leader (though both are inevitable when you work with us).

We are here to turn you into a genius giant.

All CEOs have a Dream Team of top executives that help run the company. 

As a Dark CEO, YOU must have a Dark Dream Team.


That’s us.


We see Genius Templates. They speak to us. They come to us in our dreams (literally. To every one of us. Within days of each other.) They tell us their secrets. And they are HUGE. They are MEGABRANDS. Or, as we like to call them, IMPERIAL CULT BRANDS. They are so large, and so new, and so complex that they require multiple consciousnesses to come into being. 


Each of us sees/hears different codes in your GENIUS TEMPLATE, and when we put our heads together in the direction of the dimension of your business, we become the BLIND SEER-SIGHT your business needs. 


As we peer into the void through this diamond lens, we WEAVE OUR CODE TEMPLES TOGETHER to form the diamond pillars of your dark empire creation. 


Right now your business has a VOID that is inactive, but which is meant to be HIGHLY active. There are pins in the void that are keeping it from collapsing in on itself. Once all those pins are removed, there will be a huge implosion that will create the BIG BANG your business universe needs in order to spring into being. When we weave our code temples together, the kinetic energy that is released is MASSIVE and it makes crystal clear the exact decisions you must make at the exact moment you must make them that combine to express your extreme legacy and strike the tone of your biggest expansion.


When you do this, you remove all the pins and trigger the IMPLOSION that activates the GENIUS TEMPLATE of your dark empire.

Welcome to your Dark Dream Team, and your own bespoke Dark Boardroom.







*The Dark Dream Team does not take applications for this service.
It is by invitation only.* 

The Dark Dream Team experience is $15,000 and is a two-week business accelerator intensive.