The Dark Feminine & Masculine


Dark Love is dark precisely *because* the dark masculine is in no way a match for the dark feminine (his shadow operates at a vastly lower frequency than her dark energy, so she is, in this sense, “much more evolved” than he is), AND also because he is in fact a *precise* match: her greatest game, her highest frequency challenge, is to pair up with the masculine in the most extreme shadow, who also carries their highest frequency dark codes, which must be called out *from* that very shadow, and from this place, with his shadow as *their genius* and therefore as her training ground and stage — craft the dark god with him.

In other words, the feminine does not play the most challenging and advanced level of the love game with a finely crafted Light God who comes “ready made” in his King nature.

But rather with a messy, dangerous, dark-god-to-be who has spent his entire consciousness in the deepest shadow.

But not his *entire* consciousness.

Because he carries dark codes.

Buried in his shadow.

As gifts for the dark feminine, which she must figure out how to unearth.

That is her game. There are levels of mastery. Initiations. Tension after tension to surpass.


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