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Sonika A., Master Money Code Holder & Spiritual Empire Builder

I realized something today.

I realized, that my well-known Spiritual Empire Soiree event worked the way it did because I found the key to a highly engaged audience.

I recently saw a post in my memories from last year when I ran the event. I had posted about how during the event, the engagement from start to finish JUMPED way higher than average.

And I knew I had struck gold.

I knew what it took to Dazzle my audience.

And as I ran coaching sessions, group programs, and worked with my consultants... I realized how many people lacked the ability to create MASSIVE engagement inside their Facebook groups.

Remember Launch Like A Royal? My quick, 5-day challenge? I earned $38,500 just from selling that challenge. And that group was insane.

All my groups are. I know how to build the energy, I know how to uphold it, and I know how to release it into a flood of cash at the end of my events.

When you learn the skill of building massive engagement, money is at your disposal.

Need some cash? Just run an event.

And, it's even more than that.

It is EXHILARATING AS FUCK to show up and rock your audience's world.

It's time to learn to love the spotlight.

I am opening the doors to something I have never done before.


My deep dive program into creating a massively engaged audience and running a Facebook group that generates massive wealth.


    • I'm going to show you the exact steps that I take when I put together an event.


    • I'm going to critique your marketing posts for your events/offers/anything else.


    • I'm going to give you insane ideas on how to take your group to an insanely engaged level where people are just dying to refer everyone they know to your space.


  • And I'm going to show you how to convert them.


Get ready for some insane channeling, marketing training and an event you'll never forget.


Time to Engage.

Dazzle is $1000 and is a digital experience where you learn how to create a highly engaged audience that creates massive cash every time.