By Sonika A., Dark CEO, Master Money Code Holder


Dark Abundance is the staging grid for the money grid in the light.

It’s the codes behind the binary codes.

Which makes it the genius field. Dark codes are portals.

Dark Abundance decides where and when binary wormholes are placed and opened. It's complete control, finally, of how, when and where money comes from. Yet, it's about not needing to know.

It's calling money from different parallel realities through binary wormholes.

Overflowing with Dark Abundance is about not knowing your numbers. Not being intimate with it. The opposite of light.

Your session with Sonika will activate your Dark Abundance codes.

Dark Abundance (dark manifestation) is creating codes from nothing.

And turning them into matter.

It’s the difference between using ingredients to make a cake and creating ingredients out of thin air.

This is your session with the Golden Gamer.

Welcome to unimaginable wealth.

Deluxe Money Code Activation is $1000 and is a remote session.

You do not have to schedule a time for this session. There is no feedback or report after this session. There is no feedback in the dark. Your session will be completed within 7 days of enrollment. The effects of the activation may last weeks after the session is complete.