Presented By Lorna J., Master Code Holder

This is the infamous Fear and Power Series — a little thing Lorna J. put together in the first days of her brand new coaching business, hoping to sell it for ten or fifteen dollars, as a way to get herself in front of her ideal clients.


Instead, the response from the people she gifted it to, in return for their feedback, launched a global movement of raving fans who claim this work is the holy grail, the answer to their seeking, and the reason they reversed “medically incurable” physical illnesses, eliminated crippling anxiety and other forms of mental illness (and in some cases threw away their now-unnecessary medication), 10x’d their income in weeks, landed book deals with major publishers (who asked them for the deal...over Facebook Messenger), got invited to speak in front of some of the world’s most elite organizations (an invitation “out of the blue,” not something they hustled and ground for), found their soulmate, finally got married after eight years of dating, transformed their marriage in 48 hours, activated surprising numbers of spiritual gifts they had no idea they had, and came out of nowhere to be recognized as thought leaders and pioneering visionaries in their field.


And perhaps most surprising of all, it allowed them to unsubscribe from #allthespiritualselfhelpemails, burn all their “how-to” books (really. There have been book burnings.

All the “help me find my calling/activate my gifts/discover my purpose/make money from my passion/find love/lose weight/eliminate anxiety” tomes turned to ash in the streets) and end their days as spiritual clickbait for the latest spiritual awakening/peak performance/wealth mindset guru who claims to be coming to town to change their lives.


When you hold the answers to the universe in your hands, you stop paying attention to pretty much all that nonsense.


And that is in fact what you're about to hold in your hands.

Here it is. The tool to end all seeking.

The Fear and Power series is $500 and is a ten-day digital experience