Presented By Naveed A.,
Dark Closer, Artist & Master Code Holder


During Naveed's Dark Code Activation session, his Pineal Gland became a Diamond which fashioned a frequency channel between his pineal gland and the crystals in his ears.


He is hosting diamond tones in his body. According to Colleen Morgan, Master Dark Code Holder, no one else on the planet is doing this.


Here's a direct quote from her:
You carry the genius now to COMPOSE tones/sound via music that will actually summon someone’s genius to be primary in their body custom to them. 1-2 minute pieces that you design specific to them (you’re channeling their genius TONES) that they will listen to on repeat like taking a supplement. It will be their Tone of Genius.

Receive your very own bespoke 2-minute musical activation to activate your very own genius codes.


A bespoke Genius Tone Activation is $2500.

You will receive your downloadable music within 30 days after enrollment. We recommend listening to this music daily to activate your genius codes.