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Lorna J., Sonika A., & Naveed A.


So... if it is, indeed, the Law of Attraction, why doesn’t it work like a law should? Predictably. Reliably. Every time.


We asked ourselves this for years. Some of us, in our quest for that answer, studied directly and intimately with the greatest teachers on the planet, including such luminaries such as Bob Proctor, of The Secret fame, to learn how to manifest the “right” way.


Surely someone who has been lauded as the world’s leading spiritual teaching on the laws of manifestation would have the answer, right?




Sonika and Naveed Asif, two of our leaders, spent eighteen months in Bob Proctor’s inner circle, and saw early and monumental success, leaping to $50,000 months right away.


And then something inexplicable happened.


Everything stopped.


Their sales plummeted.


And then plummeted again.


They were at $5,000 months, doing nothing differently than before.


Everything had mysteriously changed, but no one, not even Bob or his highest-level executives, could explain why.


Questions were explained away with maddeningly ambiguous answers that made Sonika and Naveed skeptical that their leaders knew the answers at all, and the Asifs could sense how annoyed their leaders were with even being asked.


Just work harder, Bob Proctor's people said. (They were already doing that. Sonika and Naveed are no strangers to hard work.)


Write your 150 daily affirmations, they said. (Again, something they were already doing.)


It’s gestation, they said. (“Ges-what? What does that mean, exactly? So I just have to sit around and wait? I thought this was about manifesting on demand,” the Asifs thought.)


And then they looked around.


Many other consultants, they discovered, were struggling with the same problem.


And no one could figure out why.


Then they discovered the world of Luxe Godhead, and everything changed.


The $100,000 month they’d been striving for unsuccessfully over three years, came to them within three weeks of correcting the glitches in their energy that had been placed there by misleading teachings and inaccurate understandings of how light energy actually works.


Yes, someone as praised and celebrated as Bob Proctor himself didn’t really know what he was teaching.


We do.


And if you want to continue down the path of Dark exploration, learning how Light really works, and applying your new learning to master its energy, it is essential you correct these glitches also.


And, if you master the laws correctly, you’ll undoubtedly see a significant leap in your bank account as a result, without having to hustle or write affirmations to do it.


The Asifs didn’t. We don’t. And we’re now sitting at multiple millions in our business.


There is another way. And we have found it.


But don’t take our word for it…


I didn’t have the vocabulary.... My inner Source guided me, but I didn’t understand why and what. Luxe [Godhead] has provided clarity to why I felt like an outcast and LOA was missing something. I knew I was right, but didn’t know why. This is worth the time if every coach you’ve hired cannot get you thru your resistance. It’s not their fault, you are operating in a new paradigm and the rules are different. Rules for being human and rules for Gods are not the same.

- Saqara Alexis


...I was able to recover from a nervous breakdown, launch and sell out my high-end 1:1 program to the tune of £21,000... in 7 weeks.

I've trained in coaching, CBT, transactional analysis, hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, EAM, Emotional clearing, channelling, and nothing has created transformation as quickly, powerfully and most importantly SUSTAINABLY.

-Samantha Dunnage


The dark secrets to Light mastery are here.


What do we mean?


We’ve left a trail of breadcrumbs for you here.