Isn’t it time to Go Sane?

There’s no need to spend another minute wrestling with your weird wiring or seeing it as your curse. Join this exploding group of similar mavericks and misfits who are discovering a radically new way to channel their strange brain, unleash all its riches and finally make the impact they’re meant for.

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Lorna Gabriel’s groups are infamous for being the most thrilling and mindblowing online.

Going Sane: The Age of Disruption

The most important transmission for spiritual disruptors of the current age.

The Takeover of Consciousness is upon us and spiritual disruptors are the ones who must lead the way. If you’re one, you are *perfectly blueprinted* to drive this change, but to do that you CANNOT be:

> constantly blowing up your life <
> setting fire to your mental health <
> stuck in a spiral of destruction <
> or Poor <

You must have the full brilliance and power of your genius at your command at all times and have massive resources (team members, supporters, investors, and CAPITAL) to unleash your gifts and make your GREATEST impact on this massive movement.

You must do the seemingly impossible: keep your neurodivergence potent and intact AND learn how to surf the wave of its power and NOT DROWN.

Which for Neurodivergents like us is asking A LOT.
(Well, until now. )

But when you crack this code — as I have — you will unleash your genius, step into your disruptive calling and experience all the riches that come with it.

MY MIRACULOUS STORY (and what I will be sharing more of in this epic livestream MasterClass):

I am diagnosed with bipolar, PTSD, severe mood and anxiety disorder and two forms of ADD.

I rejected medication (AND therapy) and instead invented Shadow Alchemy which cured me of the destructive expressions of my “mental illness” within weeks, unlocked my psychic gifts, made me a million dollars in my new spiritual business in ten months, and has gone on to create physical, mental, and financial miracles in hundreds (probably thousands by now) of people’s lives.

I also used my new psychic gifts to prepare myself for and navigate the massive soul exchange and upheaval that happened when I switched from human to walk-in.

I went on to become one of the most influential thought leaders in the coaching community, and

I have now attracted multiple investors and am working with one of the world’s most influential leaders in tech innovation to launch my great mission in the world.

All without medication or therapy.(or crazy insane mental or emotional crashes )
If you are a spiritual maverick who’s meant to make waves in the world, I have the way to SURF those waves, not drown in them.

Join me today for an epic transmission of Master Codes to learn how to:
work WITH your weird wiring, not against it

CHANNEL it into your greatest legacy, thriving and supreme mental and emotional health.

My transmission have caused hallucinations, trances, instant upgrades in psychic abilities, dizziness, nausea, full-body orgasms, have made people rich, and cured additions.

This one will blow your mind and change your life.

See you on the inside!

Lorna Gabriel
CEO and Founder, Luxe Godhead


I love this group! The energy here is amazing. It is helping me see my neurodivergence in a new light and learning to work with it, instead of fighting it. I love that this is a diverse group of people with a wide variety of experiences. I learn so much from each of their comments. Lorna Gabriel, of course is fabulous in every way! 

Susan Mortensen, Going Sane member


It gets weird, but in the best possible way! This isn’t like any other “spiritual” group on FB. It isn’t reframing or even retooling the standard Light Grid messages. This is some serious next-level shit & I am so here for that! Lorna is absolutely in her element in this group & it’s wonderful to see her so lit up! it is incredibly activating to be able to interact with her regularly through the Lives! There is a very real & palpable energetic connection & it’s a fucking magical experience unlike any other! Lorna doesn’t even have to complete a full sentence or follow a linear train of thought & yet the transmission coming through makes absolute sense!

If the standard “Love & Light” messages feel stale & tired to you, if you suspect or know that you are a Dark Worker, then you need to be here! We need your energetic frequency & perspective to help bring this new level of consciousness into sharper focus!!

Rachel Bongini, Going Sane member

eva piko

Lately I receive the "answer" before I finish the question, I go through transformational portals in an instant and things started to manifest rapidly. Today I noticed this that I never noticed before on this picture.

... Lorna Gabriel your frequency is fascinating, amusing, and feels so normal, so strong that it moves Mountains, Planets, Dimensions like "Nothing" happened.

Eva Piko, Going Sane member

Sevda Hussein

Just want say thank you thank you to Lorna Gabriel you changed my life in your free content.Made commitment to come out to play from today 100% me speaking 100% my truth.I kept stuff to myself of fear it will affect my life & business.Ironically I see it was actually happening the other way.

Sevda Hussein, Going Sane member

This is a $49/mo, 6-month membership, and you can cancel anytime.

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