Become iconic

Presented By Sonika A., Master Money Code Holder & CEO

go from invisible to iconic


Expand space with mind-blowing content to turn your brand from invisible to iconic and create a fuck ton of cash from your business in a short amount of time through establishing serious CEO energy.


6 weeks with me as I go live on #allthethings:


  • Attracting perfect, paying clients.
  • How to establish such a powerful energy that they readily pay you in full.
  • Selling on the phone / messenger / everywhere.
  • Creating a brand that stands the test of time and no longer crumbles.
  • Creating content that makes you stand out from the crowd and pulls new people into your world consistently.
  • Busting marketing and sales shadows that have seriously killed your sales and growth in the past.
  • Some fun brass tacks, action-based homework to actually get moving on building your brand, and some design tricks from my experience.
  • A sneak peek into Dark Marketing and how it’s done.

With the launch of Become Iconic , Lorna J will also be releasing an audio serious inside this program that will discuss White Shadow (the new frontier and the real reason no high-flying spiritual coach has ever been able to unlock their unique, genius icon) while I go live on teaching you everything I do to market so effortlessly and easily, pulling in new people and creating $200k + cash months inside
Luxe Godhead with ease.

an established brand takes time.

an iconic brand takes energy mastery.

Become Iconic is a 6-week live experience that begins in March 3, and is $1,500 to enroll.