By Lorna J., Master Code Holder


Bringing to you our newest, most ravenous container: A 60-minute session with Lorna Johnson.

Your Kiss of Death is unique to you. And when received, will kill the human standing in the way of your next quantum leap.

Like a Facebook comment that created $15,000 for someone in 3 days.

Like cornering our CRO, Sonika A., with one sentence that ultimately sent her through a genius wormhole as she channeled the most badass content ever for our newest books.

Like having a client quit smoking after a single session with her.

Not to mention thousands of dollars earned, tons of pounds lost, and dying relationships rekindled for tons of other clients, as their human withered away into nothingness.

The Kiss of Death will trigger the decaying process of your human. Until it coils up and wastes away.

Prepare for a literal, fatal change of heart.

A Kiss of Death session ia $2,500 and is a 60-minute private experience.