luxury edition

Presented by Sonika A., Master Money Code Holder

I remember my first $250k launch.

I’m kidding. I remember my attempt at my first $250k launch.

I had it all setup. Ads running. All videos and pages and funnels setup. Hundreds had opted in.

I drew a nice bubble bath in my Jacuzzi with some champagne. And I opened the doors.

In two seconds I had $3500 come in.

And I was like “amazing. Great start.”

And then.... silence. And I was like... what. Is happening.

Nothing. The entire time until I went to bed. Not a single sale.

I didn’t understand it.

The next day, I had questions about the course roll into my inbox and I was like.... ew I actually have to answer questions? I thought this was going to be easy.

A couple more sales happened. And then a full paid sale.

It seemed like things were moving.
But nowhere near what I wanted.

I visualized. I meditated. I affirmed. I did all the things.

And still...

It ended miserably with $35k in sales that I wouldn’t get to enjoy until years end because my installment plans were ridiculous, not to mention that with this being a six month course that truly I got bored of in 3 months.... the entire thing was a disaster.

And after a year of moping around about it (Yup. One year. I didn’t do another big launch for a year) I finally got ready to do another after I started to study Shadow Alchemy. And the word “launches” fell into my head.

I was like "seriously Sonika? YOU? Are going to teach people how to launch? Right because you have a great track record this makes total sense."

I did it anyway. Because I had learned the truth about shadow, and I wasn’t fooled.

3 weeks later. Spiritual Empire Academy launched. $110k in cash. $110k in sales. No ads, no funnels. Nothing.

You know how many people go through this? Hundreds. Of thousands.

Because launches today are filled with so. much. shadow.

Me? I know how to make them easy as fuck.
I know the offer that nails it.

I know how to market it so easily; so effortlessly, that people are drawn to you like crazy. Making you wealthy as fuck through a launch without requiring a massive audience, or any particular strategy.

But this time... I'm going to teach you something a little different.

welcome to launch like a royal

This time, I'm going to teach you what it's like to be a motherfucking Royal.


How to command your people to experience what you desire for them to experience.


How Shadow Alchemy works with launches, and what massive wealth from your business should feel like.


How to let yourself be served vs. providing a service.


And I'm doing it with our two Luxe Godhead consultants, Samantha D. and Gitte L. who have applied Shadow Alchemy to their business and created real money results for themselves and their clients.


It's time to think like a Royal. It's time to feel like a Royal. It's time to earn like a Royal.


Welcome to the 5-Day Challenge.


Launch Like A Royal: Luxury Edition is your re-launch into the world with a new relationship to money, and your way to get massively paid in a way that truly blows your mind.


We will rework your presence.


We will drop you deep into the world of luxury.


We will pull out every shadow as I trigger the fuck out of you with ideas of wealth that you can’t help but see through shadow-eyes, and we will shift your gaze so you see differently.


my clients create serious cash with me in a very short time.

"When this Academy started, I was practically afraid of sales. Now I'm having a blast and I've hit my 5K goal for the first month since starting my biz! Thank you Sonika Asif"  - Donna Kirk


“Paid for the academy last night. Sold my first $1100 package (in CASH) today and received an Apple computer as a gift within the same hour. I always thought about giving discounts and offering an installment plan but not anymore. I’m on a roll!!!!” - Rima Singh


“Just made my first ever shadow-free sale. Holy fuck, is this what it feels like? ..... but also... obviously. $6000 AUD ($4116 USD) for 8 weeks 1:1 the highest price I have ever charged. The sale is to an existing client. SUCH a change from the first sale to her. It was actual magic. It was the easiest sale I have ever made, because it was CLEAR of shadow.” - Ash Summers


“Wanted to share my results from this group so far! Received a free trip to Hawaii for me and me kids ($2000) we leave Sunday.3 Women so far have joined my Self Love Affair Intensive ($6,300) My original decree for this group was $5k. It is now $20k and I'm freaking jacked up excited! I've made more money in the last week in my business than I did all year last year.And I just signed up for Sonika's Deluxe Money Code Activation. Can't freaking wait!”
- Olivia Bollman


“10k in less than a week, from my sunbed at the beach on a tiny Greek island during the most 'inactive' week of the whole year as in Greece and whole Europe this is the week that almost everyone is on holiday!!! This is what my saboteur was telling me when I decreed 10k this week: you are insane and silly - there is no way you will do this This Week! I fucking did it, my Love! Thank you!!!!” - Sofia Beloka


 "I’ve discovered some really beautiful realizations that I value over the last 2 days & I’ve been sticking to some hard boundaries, regardless of consequence all day today (& yesterday).  AS a result, I just booked another $1500, there is $495 on hold (not for long) in my PayPal account and 5 minutes after that another $500 with $1,000 in route by  Wednesday & there is SO MUCH MORE on the way! For once, I actually am CERTAIN of it."


"Launched my 5-Day accelerator a couple of days ago, already at 30 members. I decree 111 members by the 23rd when the event begins.I’m receiving crystalline clarity and intuitive insights around creative and engaging ways to share my expression and promote the accelerator ..like elegantly genius ideas and connections to cultivate to amplify the energy flow.Closed a $5K sales today, have $4k incoming in the next few weeks (business that came through since the soiree) and another $8K of new clients who I will close this week...and now that I think about it I have another $8K contract for an old project (With a  Dream A level client) which has been on ice for a while which I can give some energy too and bring back to life whenever I choose...damn...I’m just reflecting on this now..fuck..there’s money everywhere if I CHOOSE IT!”



Totally blown away by energetics of money. Thank you Sonika Asif for this deep dive in it. The clients around us are a total reflection of our inner state.


Last week I was asking about paying BI off with a 50% deposit. 3 clients (for another business) paid a deposit only, one had are issues and insufficient funds, another was asking for payment plans. On Friday I paid for BI in full. A decision was made not to attract that in my life. My Monday started with an email from a client saying they will go ahead. Today collected payments from 3 clients, no questions asked, no issues with cards, zero! Effortless and easy.
- Ksenia Demidova


My business was not bringing money in, and I was getting seriously frustrated. Then I joined a free challenge from Luxe Godhead and made a decree that I was going to join the Become Iconic program because I knew I had to be there. But then Sonika told me to do the one thing that terrified me, Pitch in the DM’s. I felt sick but I did it, and then I did it again and again and again, and in less than 72 hours I had almost $5k in sales and $3k in cash without a sales call.
- Lizzie Emery


Celebrating a $19K week.  All since I enrolled in Becoming Iconic.  Which hasn't. even. started. ZERO Marketing. All Gravitation. - A.L.


Launch Like A Royal is $500 and is a 5-Day digital experience to create massive wealth from your business.