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Supercharge your leads and sales using the one critical approach I followed to do $1M in ten months. 


The secret? KICK ASS testimonials.


I built my business on them.


And you can, too. Even if you think you don’t have any good ones, I show you exactly why you actually DO, and how to create them with such mastery that they instantly elevate your standing with your market, answer ALL your prospect’s questions and objectives beforehand so they come to you PRE-SOLD, with no questions, and ready to buy, even if they don’t know you.


This is for the beginner and the advanced because I have yet to meet someone, no matter how long they’ve been in business, who knows how to do this right.


And if you don’t, you’re leaving massive amounts of money and brand recognition on the table.


Testimonials are exponentially more powerful than regular marketing posts at establishing instant credibility and distinguishing yourself from the crowd. 


One amazingly written testimonial does the work of twenty regular pieces of marketing.


And, hate to say it (not really :grin:), but if you’re posting testimonials now? They’re very likely DAMAGING your brand.


Yes, you heard that right. Poorly done testimonials actually have the opposite effect psychologically on your market than you think it’s having. Because what they say loud and clear is that you do a meh job at delivery.


It’s actually better to have NO testimonials than crappy ones.


What I teach in this MasterClass is the way I averaged $100k months consistently in my first year, from the very first day I opened my doors and did a $330k launch in six weeks — from conceiving the idea to opening doors to an oversold class six weeks later. All while working part time and with a 75% close rate.


So without further ado….