The Netflix of Consciousness, Alchemy & Mystery

This is a front-row seat to Shadow Alchemy in action. A hot-seat experience of the most advanced tool of consciousness on the planet with the Owner, Lorna J, and Dark CEO, Sonika A.


Shadow Alchemy unleashes the first iteration of the Godhead pattern - the Light God— which is the Sovereign—, and is the next stage in the completion of the individuation process. It is heavily based on Jung’s work, but goes beyond it, because even Jung didn’t see the fullness of the implications in his own discoveries. (It’s rare that a genius ever can.)


Once the Light God has been active for some time, it also gets alchemized. This dissolves the entire light pattern that was holding the psyche together (and down), and sets off a cascading series of final deaths — what we call the Meathook Moment, in reference to the most powerful and paradoxical point in the human evolutionary journey, as depicted by Inanna — which, if mastered precisely, unlocks the final stage of individuation, the ultimate potency of the godhead pattern, and the end to spiritual seeking - entry into dark consciousness, or enDarkenment.


If you've been wondering why the Law of Attraction hasn't been working for you...


If you find yourself visualizing, journaling, creating gratitude lists, #allthethings, and nothing is changing...


If you just know you've always been different from other "lightworkers" out there...


And, you've just never felt like you could connect deeply with the rest of humanity...


We welcome you to this membership experience.


And, as a part of this membership, you also get two exclusive monthly calls that are 90-minutes of pure hot-seat coaching. You will receive focused attention and coaching on the Shadow Alchemy tool during these calls. This tool is advanced and very complicated to work with. But when used the right way, it creates instant money, health, love, #allthethings.



with Lorna J., Master Code Holder and Owner of Luxe Godhead, and her dark love partner, Steven G., Dark Love Virus Code Holder


Steven Edward Gantt comes from the world of dark energy. He has extreme spiritual gifts and, as the star of the hit series “Gigolos” and also a sometime escort to high-end, A-list celebrities who paid him hundreds of thousands of dollars in return for his companionship, he knows how to navigate the field of a woman’s longing for dark, edgy, tender and euphoric energy. The dark is his natural habitat.


His field is wildly disorienting, and yet irresistibly alluring. It carries extreme discord...but one that generates a precise feeling of tension that acts like a siren song to the receiver, whom his disorienting, paradoxical field “holds in reserve,” setting up a state of suspended animation, like a trance, so that the person’s body and mind can receive the dark love virus code he offers, without rejecting it as “too wild” or “too dangerous” or “too unknown.” Once these codes have been installed, the trance breaks, and the person is “free to go.”


The next step for them is to begin to learn how to work with these dark codes that have been installed, which are there to allow the person to engage in dark love manifestation. To do this they must master working with dark energy on a whole new level.


This is where Lorna J’s newest genius comes in to play. Lorna knows how to work with dark love virus codes in such a way that they lead to manifesting dark love.


Steven and Lorna will be working with clients to do just this: activate their dark love virus codes, help them master the art of dark love manifestation and then move them into the even more challenging mastery of navigating the extreme tension of a dark love relationship.


For women wanting to know how to manifest their own dark love, and, equally importantly, how to be in relationship with your Dark lover - whose field is chaotic and potent and highly disorienting, and whose standards are astronomically high — this is an incredible opportunity to get your answers directly from us, as we guide you in how to navigate this intense, euphoric field.



with Sonika A., Master Money Code Holder and CEO of Luxe Godhead, and her husband, Naveed A., Dark Closer & Wild Card Code Holder


Sonika A., Master Money Code Holder and her husband Naveed, Dark Closer & Head of Sales will be bringing you a hot-seat training on money and sales utilizing the Shadow Alchemy tool.


Sonika A., ranked as a top consultant for Bob Proctor, one of the biggest LOA gurus on the planet, and created half a million dollars her first year in business, only to discover the many flaws with LOA. After months of searching for the answers to all her questions in the LOA world, she began working with Lorna J, created $100k cash in three weeks for herself and then became CEO of Lorna J’s company, Luxe Godhead, building it up to half a million dollars in just three months.


Naveed Asif also rose to the top of Bob Proctor’s inner circle, closing and creating millions in sales for both his business and for his clients. And, in an unprecedented move in his country’s history, as a 23-year-old, led the negotiations to close the country’s biggest land deal for a record $70M.Naveed is the ultimate closer. His genius will change the way you look at sales forever.

Imagine a Netflix for Consciousness, Alchemy, & Mystery.


Lorna and Sonika will also be doing constant livestreams to dismantle the current Light Grid (New Age Spirituality) on their profiles, and as a member, you will be given a luxury portal that gives you access to the Archives, which will house all the transmissions (livestreams) they do in the members-only Facebook group and public page, organized by topic so you don't have to go wading through the FB feed to find them. You will have access to the livestreams for as long as you're a member.


And finally, you have over 200 hours of exclusive video content surrounding sales, consciousness, manifestation, and alchemy, already waiting for you inside your portal once you join.

And now, a word about the world of Luxe Godhead.


This is the Godhead frequency. It holds unimaginably demanding energy and exacting standards, and is extremely commanding in its presence. This is exactly the kind of activation you need to call forth your own Godhead frequency and command your elite life into being.


And while you will not find this frequency, this magic, anywhere else on this planet, it comes at a high cost.


Below are the Luxe Godhead Demands, the expectations and exacting standards that the gatekeepers of the Dark Temple will require you to agree to before they allow you to pass through the gates.


Read these carefully. You are entering the Gates of Hell. The only way to Dark Euphoria. If you pay the price here but do not agree to the standards when you ask to join the group, you will not be admitted and you will not be refunded.


You are choosing to enter at your own risk. And in order for you to access and remain in this Extreme Temple, you must meet Luxe Godhead’s Demands.



  • No questioning or disagreeing with Luxe Godhead. We are here to help humans activate the Godhead pattern. This is what it requires.


  • Luxe Godhead does not accept promotion of any kind.


  • No drama. This is a temple built with the tone of truth, worship, integrity, and precision.


  • No questioning our integrity. If you question it, you may leave.


  • No hand-holding. This information and energy is complex and it is up to you to decipher it for yourself. We are not here to make sense.


  • Luxe Godhead does not cater to or care about your human.


  • No whining or childish behavior. This space requires a high level of energetic and emotional maturity.


  • This is not a religious group in any way. We are bringing the new consciousness to Planet Earth.


  • Apprenticeship period: Once you enter this space, you have entered your apprenticeship period. We will watch your energy and frequency carefully. Any breach of Luxe Godhead’s standards, and you will be removed.


If you do meet these requirements, and remain in this space, you will experience magic, manifestation and pure divinity like never before.


The evolution into your own Luxe Godhead begins now.


Luxe Godhead Speaks: The Shadow Alchemy Experience is a monthly virtual group membership.

Investment options:

Terms: You may cancel your subscription at any time.

See you on the deep inside.


Lorna J + Sonika A