The two-hour intensive that will change your LIFE


Presented by

Lorna J., Master Code Holder,
Inventor of the Shadow Alchemy Tool

Sonika Asif, Master Money Code Holder, Dark CEO


After working with hundreds of students around the world and teaching them our very own Shadow Alchemy tool, we discovered actual magic taking place in their lives.


Results beyond our wildest imaginations were happening for these clients, and we knew it was time to bring this tool to the masses.


This two-hour shadow alchemy intensive is a powerful, uncomfortable, mind-blowing call that will demonstrate to you the power of TRUTH, and how utilizing this tool correctly will transform everything in your life: a leaky heart valve, a $100k launch, brand new clients - you name it.


We've taken into account every question our students have had about shadow alchemy, and we created this two-hour call as a place for us to dive deep into the tool, its origins, and the energetics behind WHY this too works to end all seeking and struggle, something no other self-help tool can claim to do.


Shadow Alchemy Intensive is $200 and is a two-hour masterclass.