The Energetic Realm Is A Mystery

Welcome to your darkest shadows.


There are 4 main shadow archetypes that are running your life. And they are the cause of all your struggle.


These 6 weeks inside the Shadow Mastery Bootcamp will dive deep into the Archetypes and discuss nuances you’ve never heard before.


Some of them are sneaky. Some of them are confusing. Some of them trick you. And it’s extremely imperative to know WHICH voice is speaking to you before you can even ATTEMPT to eradicate it.


Not understanding their nuances completely, is the cause of your struggle. It’s the reason why every other method you have tried works temporarily. Like slapping a band-aid on a wound you never stitched up. You feel a little better, but the issue gets worse.


There’s a certain skill set you develop when you get very intimate with the archetypes. You develop a bullshit radar. And you know what that makes you? Someone who blows people’s minds (and your own) with how easily you can identify what the problem REALLY is. Saving them hours, months, years and thousands of dollars.


The energetic realm is a mystery. It holds the secret switch to a euphoric life in 3D.


The thoughts and feelings you believe to be true, the ones you hold most dear, (you will realize in this Bootcamp) are nothing more than illusion.


Your entire life has been crafted around voices that are nothing more than a lie to keep you “safe”.


And if you think you know them - you don’t.


Welcome to The Shadow Mastery Bootcamp.


Take a peek behind the curtain. They’re waiting for you.




Meadow Cropsey is a business coach for creatives, helping them create a thriving business that in turn allows for unlimited self expression through their art.


Her clients results include:


  • Growing their income by 2x, 3x, 4x in as little as 3 weeks.
  • Creating an unimaginable relationship with their art.
  • Getting crystal clear around their branding and finally getting paid for their creative work

The Shadow Mastery Bootcamp is $3,500 and is a 6-week live online experience.


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