A Message from Lorna J, Master Code Holder


I invented Shadow Alchemy
as a way to get myself out of hell.


What I discovered was the map
to heaven on earth.


The good news?


It doesn’t take time.


You don’t have to slay dragons.


And Shadow Mastery makes you
rich as fuck, healthy as an ox, and brilliant as hell.


The bad news?


You have to go *through* hell, first.


And how do you make such an infernal
journey to true euphoria?


You hire a Hell Master. That would be me.



Interview with Dr. Dori L. Gatter and Lorna Johnson: What a seasoned veteran and recognized authority in the psychotherapy world, who is regularly invited to share her expert advice on major news outlets, sees in Shadow Mastery and why she's devoting her time and energy to learning and teaching it to her clients, students, and even other therapists.

This is the most rigourous, advanced, elegant and complicated consciousness tool that exists on the entire planet today. And if you desire to master this tool, there's only one way.

And it's inside this program.

And there's only one way in. Tell us why you should be allowed inside beyond the Gates of Hell.