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Your shadow is calling.

It's time

to unfuck your mind

and become unfuckwithable.

Introducing the Palladium Standard in
Consciousness Tuning, Energy Mastery and
Manifestation Magic

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"I've never met anyone like Lorna, and I work with the world's
brightest and best. She is magnetic. Mesmerizing.
As absolute genius. She is 'The' Spiritual Icon and Genius
Whisperer. If you know you have a revolution to lead and a
huge, iconoclastic mission and vision, there's no one better to
help you step into your true genius and magic.
She will turn you into an Icon."


Kathryn Porrit

serial eight-figure entrepreneur

Shadow Alchemy is the word's most cutting-edge technology in consciousness.

Unlike any other system, it's a complete technology.

It replaces every other process, practice, exercise, or tool for spiritual mastery, mental and emotional health, manifestation, physical

wellbeing, financial success, love, and even the development

of psychic gifts.

It is not just a new "practice" or a "modality".


It originates from outside this universe and delivers the most

innovative and precise coding that alters you fundametally and

permanently at the cellular and the DNA level.

When you master this most potent consciousness alchemy, you will:

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Conduct surgically precise energetic upgrades at the
root level of your consciousness arhitecture.

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Deprogram your involuntary operating system of consciousness and install an entirely new expression of your psyche, what I call your gold mind.

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Shift completely out of survival mode and into your natural, effortless state of energy mastery, magic, manifestatopn, and divine power.

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End all forms of suffering, unleash your genius and unlock a stream of synchronicities that turn your life into pure magic.

From this, life is (obviously) effortlessly awsome.

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Money magic happens with ease.

Mental and physical health and natural byproducts.

Love finds you without effort.

And you step easily and organically into your legendary impact
and legacy.

This is your true inheritance.

It's how life is supposed to be.

And for the cost of a one-way, first-class ticket, you can
have all of this, and more.

"Your magic is better than literally anything else I've seen. (And I've been around the coaching block)."

Rebecca Ives Rubin

 multiple six-figure Marketing Coach who sold aut het program and

tripled her average cash month just three days after LORNA hired HER

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Erin Donovan,




"Lorna Gabriel - I freaking love you!... I really have to thank you for your work on the Archetypes. After that work is when I made $250k in sales in January. Changed my life. You don't know me, but I know you.
And I love you."


Erin Donova, Chairman and CEO - Exclusive Private Tutoring

$50,000 "OUT OF THE BLUE"

"My ex-wife is gifting me $50k. We got divorced last October.
This was not a part of the settelment. She told me God
wanted her to do it. Thank you, Lorna."






"Coming from a 'girl' who didn't understand sales, shook on calls, thought 'Who
would pay me more that $300 for what I do?' to becoming a woman who starts
packages at $6,000 and regularly closes full pays with easy."


Kelly Lunt increased her income 360%, and in less than three months
closed over $30K. Not only that, but one of HER clients booked $35,000.

"From working at home in my pajamas to working with a
company and pitching for (a winning) a $750,000
vaccount. These are the days of our lives.


Ash Summers, Shadow Alchemy practitioner



"I only could meet her objections because of your videos.
Before, I didn't know what to say."


Laura Balmer, speaking about closing a $25K client after a year of no
sales at this level and whose other coach told her there was no
way to overcome the prospect's objections.

"Sold out Academy 'out of the blue'."

Sofia Beloka booked $9,000 in less than three weeks during Shadow Alchemy
training, doing almost nothing. People just "came out of nowhere," she said,
and she easily sold out her academy.

When you master Shadow Alchemy...

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Suddenly you "know" how to write brilliant marketing
copy and close sales without trying. Even if  you can't
write decent copy to save your life and your knees
knock so loud on sales calls you're certain your
prospect can hear them right through the Zoom

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You become a recognized thought leader in your field
and the envy of your peers, who ask how you've
become such a genius at marketing.

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You easily charge 10x your current offer without
blinking and get YES after YES that results in FULL PAY sales.

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All without havin to follow oppressive sales and

marketing rules or annoying scripts that don't feel

authentically you.

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"My experience of Shadow Alchemy got me off

mental health meds and lost 2 stone in weight

when nothing else worked."

Aisling Robinson

Four-Year Addiction to Marijuana and Sugar and

Chronic Suicidal Depression Eliminated!

Madalyn Hope

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Read her astonishing story here.

Samantha Manivski

"I'm realising other tools I've used have just managed the shadows. Therefore

they have returned. Time and time again. One really big alchemy for me was

smoking. For the first time in my ten years of on and off smoking I can

confidently say I will never pick up the habit again. I quit cold turkey. My body

literally upgraded and rejected the shit poisons."

Samantha Manovski


"My physical body upgraded by releasing a weird hip pain that's had me puzzled

for about four months-when Lorna Johnson [now Gabriel] was reading from THE

AMAZING BOOK during Shadow Mastery. Tuesday's have gone to a new level!"

Stacey Cargnelutti

When you master Shadow Alchemy...

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Suddenly your weight issues, your anxiety, self doubt, and

analysis paralysis, your low self-esteem and your mental and

physical illnesses cure themselves without effort. Even if

you've tried everything from pills, to therapy, to alternative

and holistic methods, to lose weight, eliminate addictions,

and find relief from lifelong physical or mental illness.

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You finally toss your medication in the garbage.


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You therapist tells you, with a quizzical look, that you don't

need her services any more.

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Your doctor says you've been completely cured from the

physical illness thet's plagued you and asks what you've been

doing differently.

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You drop ten, fifteen, even twenty-five pounds in a matter of

weeks, all without changing any of your habits.

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From a marriage on the brink of divorce and dreading sex for 11

years to madly in love and nights of wild sex in just one month!

Michelle Catanach

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Read her astonishing story here.

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From former visionary entrepreneur to struggling coach to

"suddenly" being invited to speak at elite world gatherings and

work on projects funded by the Crown of England.

Emily Fowler

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Read her astonishing story here.

When you master Shadow Alchemy...

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A major publishing house reaches out to you "out of the blue" and offers you a book deal.

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You receive an invitation to speak in front of the

world's most innovative and game-changing leaders.

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Major radio show and podcasts contact you "out of

left field" and invite you to be a guest.

"The tool that ends all tools."

Samantha Manovski

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No other technology has cracked the code on how to

comprehensively upgrade human consciousness and create rapid,

lasting, and permanent changes in all aspects of your life.

These are not made up results.

Every one of them has happened with our clients. We have over

one hundred and fifty testimonials of miraculous results like these,

all based on the power and potency of Shadow Alchemy.

But don't take our word for it...

Phoebe Kuhn Head Shot Official Use-3

"More powerful than DeMartini Method"

Phoebe Kuhn, trained DeMartini Method practitioner


"The answer to the glitches in Law of Attraction"

Sonika and Naveed Asif, multimillion dollar coaches and

former personal mantees of Bob Proctor



of personal development, working privately with

a swami for fourteen years, doing extensive coach

training and learning 'shadow management', I've NEVER experienced this kind of internal shift.

Until Shadow Alchemy."

Julie Vietch, transformational coach ceritified through

one of the world's top coaching programs

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From frustrated sales coaches with no following, empty

marketing, and husling constantly to achieve $5,000

months, to multimillion dollar coaches able to command

$250k deals, close hundreds of thousands of sales over

Messenger, and $500k+ months.

Sonika and Naveed Asif

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Read her astonishing story here.

Leaky Heart Valve Cured in Tow Months After Years of Tryping!

Mary Ann Hoebelheinric

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Read her astonishing story here.

A $61,000 sales day, just months after being institutionalized

for a psychotic break, and with no medication or therapy!

Samantha Dunnage

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Read her astonishing story here.

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"The shadow work that I did with Lorna Johnson

[now Gabriel] saved my life."

Juanita Agueberre


"As a starving artist for over three decades, suddenly

I started to sell my paintings. After one month of

Shadow Alchemy I was selling nine pictures

in nine days...Shadow Alchemy works."

Hulda Leifsdóttir, Shadow Alchemy practitioner


"This work is really, honestly, bar none, hands down

the most efficient mental, energetic, consciousness

makeover... I have studied with many mentors,

and have been on  this spiritual journey for some

time, [and] this seriosly is the greatest spiritual

modality gift that I have ever received."

Marina Alexeeva, Shadow Alchemy practitioner