By Sonika Asif, Master Money Code Holder


Are you ready to create absolute MAGIC in your spiritual business? Are you ready to finally understand WHY you haven’t been attracting the exact clients you desire, and the cash from your business specifically, is, well… non-existent?


Sonika has had almost 300 spiritual entrepreneurs venture through these doors and party with her inside her soiree event…


And this five-module mini-course created almost $100,000 in cash cumulatively… in five days. AND these are numbers ONLY from the few people that shared their results with her. Imagine how much more cash was created in this container?


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She doesn't just build spiritual businesses.
She builds spiritual empires.



If you’re running month-to-month trying to sign clients
and create cash, you have a spiritual business.
An empire creates sustainability, builds on itself,
and produces OVERFLOW.


Take a look at the mind-blowing testimonials below for yourself.


“After a chat with Sonika I realized a misalignment and I started letting go slowly – The instant I did a COMPLETE download for my 5 day event happened. Sex and Soul Soiree and exactly how I would teach it. Then I had 3 messages come through messenger asking about working with me! Oh my FUCK.”
“Seriously though. I held space, detached and 7 new clients have come in over 3 days. Holding space, and a good container, is potent.”
“Umm so I wrote a post about victimhood.! And I made a ($2,000 cash) sale.” – She made another $2,000 sale ($500 cash) a few days later.
“Literally as I was creating my this, my old colleague came to me and said: I’ve come into $1,500, I’d like to spend it to work with you, how can I sign up?” – She sold another $1,200 package a few hours later.
“I made $2,200 cash and $5,600 booked from my Spiritual gift!!”
“Paid for the academy last night. Sold my first $1100 package (in CASH) today and received an Apple computer as a gift within the same hour. I always thought about giving discounts and offering an installment plan but not anymore. I’m on a roll!!!!”
“I sold out all the spots in my sales mastermind! I made my investment back and then some!””

“I‘m so excited as well!!! Made Thursday 1,500 Euro cash with a Facebook live at 12.00 noon that just 2 people saw. One of them bought directly. Live!!! Never had a live sale like this before. Thank you for your magic! My both event groups are growing and I am so grateful.”

Here's her favorite:

“I declared $50k coming in today. I’m currently $45,542.70.”

Five trainings. Massive cash. Magical Clients.


Spiritual Empire Soiree is $500 and is a
five-day digital experience.