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Sonika A., Master Money Code Holder & Multi-Millionaire


Prepare yourself as I show you how to manifest the cleanest, purest, frequency of money available to you on the current Light grid.

And then watch closely, as I demonstrate how to work with the Dark, chaotic money codes that will be within your reach after you master the Light.

what i don't do to manifest money

I don't visualize how much I want to receive.

I don't journal.

I don't have a vision board.

I don't repeat affirmations.

I don't do healing or inner child work.

I also don't bullshit myself.


those basic money manifestation tips you see everywhere?

While they cover the basic rules of manifestation, they are in NO WAY pristine enough to help you turn energy into money ON DEMAND at all times.


Without constant shadow management, exhausting daily rituals and the constant rollercoaster of emotions, you won't succeed with the current money manifestation teachings.


I refused to accept that was the only way to do it.

And I was daring enough to leave my tribe behind to figure out the truth.

I have worked with every manifestation guru on the planet.

And I couldn't smash a simple $100,000 cash month in business with their material (It manifested in other ways... but that's the thing. It was never on demand from my business).

And because the number one rule of The Secret seems to be "if you don't receive you aren't doing the work", guess what I did next?

Yup. I beat myself up. For 5 years. Because it had to be my fault. It can't be anything else.

Who would ever think to question teachings on money manifestation that literally EVERYONE in the world believed? How could EVERYONE be wrong?

But they were wrong.

one day, something in me snapped.

As I sat in my car with Naveed (my husband and our Dark Concierge/Head of Sales at Luxe Godhead), I just started crying out of frustration.

No one is more committed to this work than me.

No one submits to her mentors like me.

No one pays more money than me to learn from the best (I have spent over half a million dollars on my coaches).

So what the fuck is going on?

And I just started ranting. I started ranting about everything that didn't work with the current manifestation/LOA teachings. I started screaming about all the money I've spent with nothing to show for it.

And it felt so fucking good to let it all out.

What happened next blew my mind.

Not even a minute later, I stumbled across Lorna Johnson's profile (my business partner and CEO of Luxe Godhead).

I read something about high standards on her posts.

And then I made $20,000 in cash a few days later.

I dug deeper into her content.

What I discovered BLEW MY MIND.

Everything being taught about LOA is wrong. So wrong.

I was literally the proof Lorna J. needed. I was the perfect example.

And then I enrolled to work with her.

And then?

I smashed a $150,000 cash month. Having earned $6,000 the month before.

What. The. Fuck.


Today, I'm sitting here as the President of Luxe Godhead, having created over $2 Million in cash since we created Luxe Godhead in August 2019. (I just had a $500,000 sales month this September 2020).

In other words...

I never collapsed again.


There are billionaires in this world today who lack the spiritual know-how that you have.


They don't understand a thing about energetics.

They haven't invested tons of money into learning to master their energy like you have.

And yet, they earn millions of dollars daily.


When you’re so nice, and kind, and giving.


When you understand so much about the energy of Love & Light and know exactly the purpose of your soul's desire...


Why does money not grace you with its presence?


You KNOW their hustle, logical mindset and use of cut-throat competition is so misaligned with the spiritual way of doing things.


You've left that behind. You know better now.


But they still seem to be earning all the money (heck, you were probably wealthier when you were hustling).

This begs the question: Why?

Because you - just like the billionaires of the world - are STILL seriously out of integrity energetically.


(You're probably currently thinking I'm crazy, because you do all your daily energy rituals like a fucking committed saint and you can recite the laws of the Universe forward, backwards and sideways. And yes. You're still seriously out of integrity).


Here's the truth: You've been on a spiritual diet that looks like a Michelin meal, but is nothing more than repackaged McDonald's. It is low-quality spiritual content, that will never help you create the abundant life you have always dreamed of.

Our very own spiritual gurus today haven't the first clue about what it means to truly manifest on demand and live a life of complete integrity.


Which is why you're still stuck right here.


Money doesn’t love you just because you love it. No matter how many affirmations you repeat about money always being there to support you... it's not going to show up consistently.


Because trying to manhandle it to turn into something that feels safe and loving (so you can feel safe and loved) is one of the reasons it isn’t headed your way.


Majority of spiritual entrepreneurs live in shadow, and want money for shadow-based reasons (like, to save the victims of the world, when victims don't exist. Or that we believe we should charge extremely low prices so our work can be beneficial to everyone).

this is a spiritual-victim-consciousness trap.

Which is why you're stuck in this weird in between place where you know you're way more spiritually advanced than the hustlers - but you're not earning money.

And your dilemma has been, that until now, no one, including the most advanced spiritual gurus on the planet, has understood how to create PURE, creative cash that is coded with perfect, clear codes that makes the spiritually-advanced massively rich in a way that creates a life of their dreams in all areas (Just look at our gurus today. Do you want their life? I really fucking don't.)

The current way of earning money involves pulling power from one area of your life for the other. So you're spending hours trying to manage your energy, journaling, visualizing, all the things... just for a simple money goal.

And when you finally do get it by using massive focus and will power, you can't seem to do it again and again. Not to mention, the other areas of your life start to suffer (How many goals can you focus on, really?)

And so, rich or poor, spiritually advanced or not, everyone is always sacrificing one area of their life for another. Because you're all still fucking hustling, energetically or physically, with no idea what real magic looks and feels like, and how to wield it.

You haven’t learned how to unleash enough power for money to generate itself from so you don't need to play tug of war with the limited power available to you.

(In other words, how to become a true energy master).

And furthermore if you somehow manage to stumble upon mastery of this - you won't achieve the level beyond this point.

Where power isn’t unleashed. It is created anew. In the Dark.

Where the money codes are TRULY untouched - and therefore MONSTROUS - to the human with shadow.

And this kind of chaotic money can never be accessed by those who don't learn the art of Light Mastery through Shadow Alchemy.

It is time for a new kind of money.

The Supernatural kind.

Welcome to supernatural money

It is time to create a new relationship with money (so you can see it’s TRUE essence).

And create a different kind of matter.

My Supernatural Money program is here.


Light Magic

8 powerful weeks of money manifestation activations to help you create the purest, cleanest frequency of money available on the Light Grid.

Investment: $2,222

Dark Grid

8 powerful weeks of money manifestation activations to help you create the purest, cleanest frequency of money available on the Light Grid.


3 weeks of channeling on Dark Money, Dark magic and the chaotic codes of wealth beyond the Light Grid (and ultimately what you'll be working with after self-mastery).


The Age of Endarkenment bundle which includes transmissions on Dark Consciousness, and Glitch In The Grid which dismantles all 12 laws of the Universe and unveils the flaws.

Investment: $3,500

What's included


Activating, incredible powerful bi-weekly spells and potions (trainings) to help you learn true, pure money manifestation using your unique frequency.


A beautiful portal for with your class recordings and workbooks, all in one place.


Beautifully crafted magical textbooks (workbooks) including very specific exercises that will open up your mind and energy to lots more money.


A powerful, highly engaged gathering (Facebook group) that will uplevel you before we even kick off (as always).


Once enrolled, I will be sending you magical bundles (prework) to begin your journey into this program until we kick off.

It's Time.



client case study

She went from poverty-level living and searching for the key to energy mastery for 28 years, to becoming a 6 figure coach within just one year of studying Shadow Alchemy selling $50,000 programs.


Gitte Lassen has been notorious for investing every penny she has earned into herself. Over and over again.


She is persistent as fuck.


And that same persistent led her to never ditch the search for the true key to energy mastery (something I, myself never did as well).


Because the truth mattered more to her than the money she needed to invest to find it.

However, she bumped up against 28 years of flawed teachings and outdated spiritual content.
"I did #allthethings. Codependency recovery, energy healing, traveled to power places, an abundance of past life healings, mindset work, marketing and business building programs, hiring all kinds of coaches… Nada. I only had temporary results. And then, before I knew it, I was back to poverty-level living."


Her pattern was constantly about rising up and then collapsing a month later. Her money was never consistent. Neither were clients, or her presence as an authority.


When she stumbled across Shadow Alchemy last year, her life instantly changed. She knew she had found the key to energy mastery, what she had been searching for her entire life - and she very quickly leaped from barely being able to sell $100 programs, to closing a $6,000 sale.


She then tackled the constant collapsing of her victim with this exact powerful tool. One of her biggest shadows. (Consistent results are evidence that you have truly mastered your energy).


And boy, did she rise the fuck up this time.


Not only has she had consistent $40,000+ months in cash, she has done $65,000 in sales this September so far - including her first ever $50,000 sale.


From living below poverty level.... to $65,000 in sales in a single month... just one year later.
This level of true transformation - one that is finally reflected in RESULTS, requires a high level of energy mastery.


The kind only the Shadow Alchemy tool can give you.


In her own words: "There is no one - NO ONE - that has mastered the art of turning energy into money [or any other result] like Luxe Godhead."


Update: Right after I posted this testimonial, Gitte sold a SECOND $50,000 package and ultimately created $115,000 in sales in a single month.
Money is being manifested.

Signed a new client today, who I didn’t even pitch! She reached out to me a little over a week ago, I told her my price, and she busted her ass (I watched her efforts haha) to create the money to work with me.Yes - I feel validated, lol.And that’s $5k cash for this month, $7k booked! Gunning now for my first $5k client by end of month. Decreeing that July will be my first $10k month. 2 weeks to make shit happen.
(Update: She hit her goal).

- Melody C.

I just got word from our insurance company that we are getting $12,318 for an insurance claim for our home. We thought we might maybe get 3K and our agent was like oh no, you are going to get the full amount and we still have possibly $3-5k More coming!!

- Susan R.

I just landed a new student for $12,000 and an investor for my retreat center.

- Seven C.

My goal for the week was $22,500 and I just hit it with 4 days to go.

- Samantha D.

I created $20,000 in cash in just 15 days [after months of just earning 4-figures].

- Elizabeth E.

I'm at $16,800 of my $17K goal!
(She smashed this goal in 7 days instead of her original 90-day plan).

- Lauren V.

On Wednesday I signed up a 1:1 client and made the most amount of money since I started my Business in 2018 which is $2300 to work with me for 3 months.

- Taniya H.

This week I have received $2500 so far with another $480 coming...exciting!

- Rini Y.

Just landed my very first full-paying client for $1111!

- Trevor H.

An ex-client who ghosted me 12 months ago while owing me $3,000 messaged me last night to pay me my money and make amends.

- Andrew P.

Finally just received payment made by a client almost two months ago after encountering massive issues with PayPal and then the transaction being declined by my bank. It took two one-hour call with said bank but I warriored up all the way and the 4,207 EUR is now in my account. (She also signed a new $10,000 client).

- Camille C.

I'm celebrating a $2100 day! I'm so incredibly grateful.

- Jennifer E.

Meet Sonika.

Luxury Oracle, Golden Gamer, Multi-Millionaire

The "Aston Martin" of Money Coaches


Impossible money. Ridiculous amounts of money. Unimaginable money.


This is what I help my spiritual misfits and maverick mystic clients achieve.


They find me when their fuse for the current teachings of New Age Spirituality and business-building has burned out.


Considering I have worked right under the biggest spiritual gurus on the planet, I know it is only a matter of time when those who are searching for true magic and money manifestation will find me.


Because what’s out there is no longer satisfying. No longer nourishing. And there is no one else on the planet that can create money like I can.


As President of Luxe Godhead, a multi-million dollar consciousness business that teaches cutting-edge energy mastery, that’s exactly what I was hired to do. I have been working as a spiritual coach since 2015, creating millions of dollars and rising to the top as a consultant for the top spiritual gurus on the planet since I was 22 years old.


Money is my second language.

Entering my field activates the Luxury frequency.


I take my clients from being unknown nobody’s to selling six-figure packages with a snap of a finger. Money doesn’t matter to me unless it is created instantly, and in large numbers. The money game has changed.

Let's Play.