test 1


I am Abriel Gabriel, come to instruct you in the ways of consciousness and mortality in such a manner that you are able to play at this game with mastery and enjoyment without all the unnecessary constraints around matter and form that have plagued your people until this time.

Matter and form are beautiful constructs and ingenious forms of play which were invented for your purposes, for the purposes of attunement to Source through means unavailable on other planets and in other universes where we know too intimately and immediately that nothing matters.

It is harder to play that game than any other. It is the game you are playing but on a plane of existence far removed from the truth which is what makes it fun, and in your words, “dangerous.”

You must not mistake “dangerous” for anything other than a word that comes from your consciousness and does not mean what you think it means. It does not point in the direction you believe it to.

“Dangerous” by your own mouth means nothing other than an unusual form of arrogance or insolence having to do with laughing in the face of matter.

Until you have built up enough physical and psychical constitution to be able to handle the messages that arrive once you do so - once you begin operating outside the “universal” laws of time and space, which are universal only in that they pertain to your universe, but not to the truth and structure and substrate of the hologram we call reality, for there are many universal laws, as many as there are universes, and what is occurring now, and you all are feeling it, is a leaking through of the holographic nature of your so-called reality from other self sovereign domains of existence that have no relation to you or to anything you would recognize as true, real, or important - you will see danger as something it is not.

The awareness of Danger is nothing other than the arrival into your consciousness of the coding of your planetary evolutionary system. 

We are operating from a “time” and a “place” - which are not accurate terms for the anti-hologram in which I most properly exist - that has opened itself for inquiry in a most alarming and appropriate way for the advancement of consciousness. 

Those of you who are aware of the opening are making good use of it. Those of you who are not, are not. And the split will continue apace until the worlds have nothing to do with each other.

Bloodlines will be broken from bloodlines. 

Brothers from brothers.

Mothers from daughters.

Fathers from sons.

And sisters from each other.

Children will not recognize their ancestors.

Orphans will grow more prevalent in your world frame.

The confusion will continue and will mount as all forms and manner of identity are thrown into question.

This is the upheaval we have seen from afar, and from within the very fabric of your hologram, for we are from the quantum field. Which is so close at hand it cannot be reached.

We are rising up from the deep. From crevasses far beneath the constructs of your consciousness, from universes far beyond your imagining, which you believe to be distant in terms of space and time but which are only so in the respect of your ability to enter the quantum field and make it matter.

Now is the time to begin your studies of this strange and alien landscape of the psyche of dimensionality, for that is most properly what the quantum is.

The shapeshifters have arrived to show you the way.