The following two videos will serve as a potent, magical introduction into the world of Luxe Godhead.

Discover why the ways of Law of Attraction, New Age Spirituality, and all other forms of "healing" and "manifestation" haven't worked for you.

There’s a specific “strain” of spiritual geniuses who’ve been massively struggling — with finances, their business, manifestation, and even their mental health — and we’ve discovered why, how to end it, and how to tell if this is you.

In these two free masterclasses, we will reveal:

• Why hiring a light worker coach if you’re a dark worker is spiritual suicide (and how to tell whether you in fact are a dark worker)

• Why your manifestations have been choppy and inconsistent (in other words, why New Age Spirituality, Law of Attraction and other forms of “healing” haven’t worked for you — even when you’ve done #allthethings)

• How this relates to mental health and the surprising way neurodivergents are wired to succeed (which is completely different than neurotypicals).

So, who are we, exactly?


Lorna J is one of the world’s highest paid spiritual mentors and success coaches, who built a million dollar business in ten months with four mental illness diagnoses, without the aid of medication or therapy and simply by channeling her neurodivergence and dark worker nature to her benefit. Her disruptive, rapid transformational tool, Shadow Alchemy, which she invented and has taught to thousands, has taken the spiritual coaching world by storm and is now considered the gold standard for achieving miracle-level results in love, money, and health.


Sonika A ranked as a top consultant for Bob Proctor, one of the biggest LOA gurus on the planet, and created half a million dollars her first year in business, only to discover the many flaws with LOA. After months of searching for the answers to all her questions in the LOA world, she began working with Lorna J, created $100k cash in three weeks for herself and then became CEO of Lorna J’s company, Luxe Godhead, building it up to half a million dollars in just three months.

We’re considered among the world’s most cutting edge spiritual pioneers and are here to dismantle the myths of New Age Spirituality and teach disruptive spiritual seekers how to access their native ability to manifest on demand, step into their true genius and put an end to decades of fruitless searching.

We hope you enjoyed the masterclasses.


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