By Lorna J., Master Code Holder


Magic is the activation of codes of consciousness capable of collapsing time. These codes exist in all humans, in a field of energy and power called the super conscious, or the gold mind.

This book is the New Spirituality, carrying the New Myth of Awakening and the Awakened. Because the Truth is this: You are wired for magic.Thriving is your natural state. And genius is in your bones. You’ve just been running your great godly power through a tiny, cramped, low-voltage energy management system that was never built to handle the demands of a genius giant like you. It’s like trying to light up all of Los Angeles on a single generator. Hello, lights off most of the time. Blindness. Stumbling around in the deep shadows thinking something is terribly wrong with your generator. There’s nothing “wrong” with it. It just needs to be replaced with a Universal Power Management System, which you already have all wired up, and connected, and in place, you just gotta be told where the switch is. And then? Magic is inevitable.

And I do mean magic: What any typical human would consider “impossible,” “miraculous” and totally inexplicable. You know, like the way a Neanderthal would feel about an iPhone. Because magic is not a mystery. It’s a spiritual science. And I’m here to teach it to you.


And why does the world need ANOTHER book on manifestation exactly? Yes, I’ve heard of a little, no-name piece of work called “The Secret.” The one that’s right up there with the BIBLE in terms of global sales and impact, and that’s ALL ABOUT manifestation and features people WAY MORE POPULAR AND WELL-KNOWN than I, who are considered the world’s EXPERTS on this very subject. So HOW EXACTLY do I expect to hold a candle to THAT? I’m so glad you asked.


So just to kinda summarize your position (which is completely understandable by the way)…You’re saying there are these spiritual giants roaming the land of manifestation…...and who am I to go up against them. Do I have that right? Cool. So lemme tell you this story, maybe you’ve heard it. About David and Goliath? Where Goliath was the giant? Who was terrorizing the Israelites? And every day he’d lumber his huge, terrifying self out onto the battlefield and dare someone to face him in single combat. But hello. He was a fucking giant. And they were all “just humans.”So even Saul, the KING of Israel, was like, hmmmm. No thanks. So this went on for forty days.


Then one day a little shepherd boy named David, who was bringing food to his brothers, heard about all this hullabaloo, and was like, Jesus Christ (well, not yet. This is still Old Testament times, but you get the point). I’ll do it. Saul offered David his armor, and David was like, Hey, thanks, Saul, King of Israel who’s supposed to be doing this but isn’t because you’re too scared. I’m cool. I have my SLINGSHOT. And he went out into the field, swung that fucker around, hit Goliath right in the center of his forehead (so, ummm, in this THIRD EYE), and down that great and terrifying giant went. And then a little later, that no-name shepherd boy became King.


The subtitle of this book isn’t called “Magic and the Takeover of Consciousness” for nothin’. I know what I’m up against. And I know exactly where to aim my shot. And I know that when you see that beautiful philosopher's stone of the truth of consciousness travel its most arresting arc through the air of spiritual intelligence and hit the giants of manifestation right in their third eye, (which is totally blind), your third eye will FLY OPEN and that. Will be the end of that.


Because the truth is there’s a dirty secret no one’s talking about in the world of spiritual transformation, self help and the way manifestation is being taught: None of it really works all that well and even the inner circle of spiritual gurus can’t manifest on demand.I’m here to change that for you.


"Lorna J is a GENIUS! I am not a client nor have taken any of her programs, however, from what I have observed from a distance of her work, the NON-TRUTH, is being deleted from the consciousness collective, because she had the COURAGE to work with her SHADOW SELF, to delete the programs from the root, and become her GODHEAD SELF. The BLACKLIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS, PURE WAVE, is here and it is going to be the most ALCHEMIZED TRANSFORMATION in the HIS-STORY of HUMANITY. I rated it 5 stars just for the COURAGE to write a book that is going to be controversial in the NEW AGE SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY of the LOVE AND LIGHT."


"Just started it last night! This is the first time in a very long time that I've been intrigued by what someone is saying."


"It is absolutely the phenomenal book you will ever read. No exaggeration."




"Amazing book I would recommend it: The book is long, there is a lot of repeating. It's not for everyone, but it was for me. For me the repeating was a good thing. I was able to pick up more things, put a better picture together. This book for me has changed how I view and operate in my life."


"If you want to succeed in business, love and health - a must read!: A must read for all those in the self help or personal development industry. It will change your life but unlike any other book it will do so permanently. It introduces you to Lorna Johnson's ground breaking work with consciousness and is like no other. If you want to succeed in Business, Love, Health etc this is the book for you."


"Phenomenal book! Really has the secret to self transformation, it will open your eyes to the truth of who you are! Dare you to read it!"