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The Golden Angle

Presented By Sonika A., Master Money Code Holder & CEO

A private session to help you crack your unique money formula, launch an incredible, magnetic offer, and attract a shit ton of clients - fast.


Creating more money than you ever have requires you to be energetically available for the receiving of big energy; more than you're used to holding.


It's why you struggle to grow your income. Money comes in, an old client leaves. Money comes in, unexpected expenses go up. Money comes in, and you have a health crisis which stops you from taking action (and piles on the expenses).


What you want isn’t just money. You want an overflow.
More than enough.


This requires expansion of your container, strengthening of expectations, and total magic to collapse time.


There’s an exact tone that continues the expansion of a container, WITHOUT collapsing. Ever. It’s the tone of a quantum leap.

There's Gold in your field right now.

You just aren't mining it.


Because you have no idea what your current Golden Angle is.
What your current unique money formula is.

I say current, because it will continue to change.

And you have to meet it where it's at.


I can see your money patterns.

I know what your offer needs to be. I know what price it needs to be.

I know how it needs to be marketed.

And I know the frequency you need to nail in order to have it sell out.


In this Golden Angle session, we will smash your money shadows, build an offer, price the offer, and plan your entire launch.

All I need, is 45 minutes.

Those who have done 1:1 sessions with me have:

  • Created $100,000 in cash 30 days later.
  • Created $75,000 in sales in two weeks.

I'll see you inside.

The Golden Angle is a 45-minute, 1:1 session with Sonika A.
and is $2000 per session.