Just In Time for The Great Awakening, The Master Code Holders Have Arrived


There are 4-6 Master Code Holders currently living on the planet. These are highly advanced spiritual beings who are not from earth and are here to unhook, host, hold, activate, and now create and anchor the new master codes of consciousness for humanity and for the greater evolution of consciousness itself (which goes far beyond what can be imagined).


It is unusual for even two Master Code Holders to be together in the same space-time experience.


But these are unusual times.


These are in fact the End Times. The End of the End and the Beginning of the Beginning.


For decades, each Master Code Holder has been activating and refining their own spiritual genius through a series of initiations and trials by fire, enduring nervous breakdowns, life-threatening panic attacks, financial ruin, the collapse of marriages, careers, and reputations, and mysterious, crippling and “incurable” mental and physical illnesses that brought them to death’s door.


Having passed their private trials, they then began to gather.


For the past two years, The Four have been gravitating to the new central point in consciousness being held and hosted by Lorna J., Earth Blueprint Originator, “Master Code” Master Code Holder (the Holder of the Key Code, the Code of Codes), and CEO and Founder of Luxe Godhead.


They have now been joined by the Fifth, The Frame of Consciousness itself.


The Four 


Lorna J., Master Genius Code Holder (who holds the Code of Codes) and CEO and Founder of Luxe Godhead


Sonika A., Master Game Code Holder (who holds the reigning currency of the game) and The Golden Gamer at Luxe Godhead


Naveed A., Master Wild Code Holder (who holds the cheat code in the game) and The Joker at Luxe Godhead


Colleen Morgan, Master Dark Code Holder (the holder of the empty code, the code that brings the New) and the Absent Present Oracle to Luxe Godhead during its inception phase.


The Frame


Kaspar Kavalaris, Lorna J.’s brother, is not a Master Code Holder but rather a host for the master codes—the key codes to the holograms, the “casts” of consciousness. He is the host for the game—the field of play—itself.


The Code of Codes


The gravitational point of the company, and therefore of the game of consciousness as a whole, is its code logo, the Code of Awakening, an infinity sign pierced with an arrow that was channeled by Lorna J.’s daughter upon hearing the name of the company. It is the ultimate key code in the game of consciousness, carrying in one arresting symbol the infinity of mysteries and (dis)solutions (for this is not a time of solutions, but of dissolutions), which the Luxe Godhead Leader Ship has been traveling, exploring and decoding since its inception.


The Inception Point


The Spirit of Luxe Godhead landed on the planet on 8/8/2017, during the opening of the Lion’s Gate portal—which had distinct energetic connection to Egypt, which will figure prominently and pivotally in the story—and one day after the solar eclipse (also fitting, as the New Consciousness is one in which we tune to the Black Sun at the center of the multiverse, represented by Sagittarius A, the supermassive black hole that is destructuring time and space at the center of our galaxy). These two energetic connections—Egypt and the supermassive black hole/Black Sun—operate as two seminal codes in the unfolding of the new mysteries of consciousness, and were coded into the frequency of Luxe Godhead as it landed, though at the time Lorna J. knew nothing of either their existence or their supreme relevance to what was about to unfold.


(The story here is one in which Egypt figures. The story of the relevance of the supermassive black hole is for another writing at another time.)


The Luxe Godhead frequency spent two years and one month orienting itself to this plane, in the form of a spiritual business coaching company operating under different names. It was in this state that Lorna J. met Colleen Morgan, whom she did not know at the time was the second Master Code Holder. Colleen came to Lorna as a client, having just emerged from months of recovery from a mysterious physical illness that no one could cure or find a reason for, but which was killing her. She had been pointed to Lorna by a friend and was waiting until she could recover enough to make her way into the company as a client and begin her genius work in the world.


It was shortly after this that Lorna J. was informed by a Seer that she and Colleen were both Master Code Holders. (She already knew she was an Earth Blueprint Originator—one who coded the original blueprint of consciousness into the Earth Plane, along with its spiritual and physical laws—as the result of a reading she had done with a Seer she’d met years earlier, whom she had hired for an entirely different purpose, but who began the session by saying, “Before we go any further, I need to tell you that you are an Earth Blueprint Originator.”)


Lorna J. had never heard of a Master Code Holder, so she began investigating what this meant. It was then that she learned who they were, who she was, and how unusual it was for even two Master Code Holders to be together in the same space-time experience.


Who could imagine, in a world of billions, that two more would find and make their way to her?


During the time in which the Luxe Godhead frequency was landing, Colleen and Lorna J. opened the Dark Portal (the portal to the New Consciousness) on May 11, 2018 (an 11 year on an 11 day). The dark codes then began streaming through, preparing humanity for the Great Disruption that lay ahead, and “unsetting” the stage for the unhooking from “common” (Light) consciousness and the travel into the Dark Realm, through which humans would make their way into an appropriation of their “unique” consciousness—a possession of and by their own Dark Mine, a Mind/Mine Field of Play that hosts each individual’s private store of Dark Genius and their own Imperial Wealth Frequency.


The second Initiation of the New Age occurred at a weekend SuperConscious Awakening retreat that spanned November 11, 2018, which was an 11:11:11 portal (the Triple Master Portal that works with the metaphysical realms of magic and transcendence). Though they did not know about this portal when they planned the event, it was during this weekend that Colleen and Lorna J. ushered in the Dark Archetypes, the new “handlers of dark energy” that would be essential to help form and fashion the new raw material of consciousness.


The final event significant to this story is the one Lorna J. and Colleen hosted that hooked the final two players in the game, Master Code Holders Sonika and Naveed Asif. (If there are two more Master Code Holders, and if they matter, they will find their way to Luxe Godhead in time.)


The event occurred on 4/21/2019 and was broadcast from Marilyn Monroe’s private bungalow suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel, a suite that normally goes for $7500 a night but to which Lorna J. was upgraded, at no request from her, for the entire time of their stay, and for no additional cost than the original $650-a-night room she had booked. As a result of watching this livestream, Sonika and Naveed first fled the scene and left Lorna J.’s world for a time, for they could not reconcile the disturbing nature of the message—which announced the death of the Light Grid and therefore of LOA—with their current roles as inner circle members of Bob Proctor’s company, which was considered to be the world’s foremost authority on manifestation using the Law of Attraction. Just four months later, however, after their short “Jonah and the Whale” attempt to hide from The Call of Luxe Godhead, they both gravitated back to its frequency and fell directly into the field as key leaders of the company.


On 8/22/2019, Luxe Godhead officially launched via a Facebook livestream, announcing its new leader ship, which now included four Master Code Holders, Lorna J., Sonika Asif and Naveed Asif, with the silent participation behind the scenes of Colleen Morgan, always “absently present” helping navigate the ship.

The company had been announcing the launch for several days prior by speaking of it as the launch “through the wormhole” of consciousness, and indeed, through a series of bizarre technical glitches, which, when the company “went live” resulted in myriad Facebook Live frames rapidly opening one inside the next, each one smaller than the one before and all hosted within the overall Zoom frame (what was hosting the acceleration—the zoom—through the wormhole), the actual snapshot that was captured by Facebook as the thumbnail image of this official launch looked exactly like a wormhole that extended into infinity.


On 9/9/2019, Luxe Godhead officially anchored its current name (in Earth terms, it received its DBA license), and the acceleration of awakening began.


The Invisible Entrance of Dark Love 


This is the point in the story that takes a turn. The twist in the plot that causes heads to turn. So before we continue, we must divert, like a tributary that only leads back to the source...


Before the official anchoring of the Name, which occurred on 9/9/19, Lorna J. landed the frequency of Luxe Godhead by taking possession of the virtual domain on 7/20/2019.


She did not realize it at the time, but seven days later (7/27) is the birth date of the man with whom she shared a cosmic connection decades earlier, and who, after years of absence, would come back on the scene nine months after she purchased the virtual domain (in other words, after she took possession of her own Dark Mine). He would in fact arrive on 4/22/20—one year and one day after the livestream in Marilyn Monroe’s bungalow suite that hooked Sonika and Naveed. His arrival would coincide with the global coronavirus quarantine—one that signified the arrival of the “crone virus code” that would end the currency of the Light Grid, which the livestream on 4/21/19 would have already prophesied—and through a series of astonishing synchronicities (one of which was the discovery that he worked at Arrow Psychotherapy on Church Street), Lorna J. would quickly realize that he was the physical expression of her own Dark God (the energy of the dark masculine that hosts each individual’s Dark Mine). This would not only launch her Dark Love storyline (one she and the other Master Code Holders discovered is essential for anyone wishing to gain access to their Dark Mine, as the energies of Dark Abundance and Dark Love are so deeply intertwined), it would also trigger the greatest acceleration of synchronicity and consciousness the company had ever experienced. Lorna J. would also come to realize after they reconnected, that in his birth date, he shared, though through no intentional planning of her own, a direct connection with the frequency of the company through the address of its original headquarters, on 727 Madison Street in Chicago. The connection between Dark Abundance (what happens when dark genius streams through the Entrepreneurial Spirit) and Dark Love (the coming into physical form of the dark masculine or feminine) continues in their astrological charts. His sun sign is that of Leo—a fire sign—as is Lorna J.’s, whose birthday is 8/22. Luxe Godhead was established as an S-Corporation on the 8/8/17 Lion’s Gate portal, which was considered a “time of exception” for Twin Flames.


The ongoing story of Dark Love, with similarly extraordinary stories shared by all the Master Code Holders, is for another time and telling, but suffice it to say that as we can see in the code logo of Luxe Godhead itself—through the symbol of the dark masculine spear piercing the infinity of the dark feminine—wealth, abundance, the expression of true genius and the experience of Dark Love in physical form are all intertwined in a truly mysterious, deeply euphoric and magical energy.

A Return to the Story At Hand


Soon after The Naming of the company as Luxe Godhead on 7/20/19, Lorna J. would be informed by a Seer that the company is in fact the renewer frequency that inhabited the planet and expressed itself through Egypt’s ancient mystery schools, whose central point was Luxor, Egypt, to which seekers and mystics travelled from far and wide to learn and receive their awakening.


At the time of The Naming, Lorna J. did not know Luxor, Egypt existed.


(She does remember feeling astonished, though, when right after hearing of this connection to Luxor, Egypt, the first email she received from the management at her new company headquarters at 727 W. Madison greeted her with the subject line “Welcome to Luxer,” which was a package delivery service announcing its help to her as a new resident.)


Lorna J. would also soon be approached by Adeline Lopez, who would make an astonishing claim (and who would go on to become Luxe Godhead’s Unholy Scribe, whose role as the Memory of the Mind of the Game would be to capture and record the codes, clues, synchronicities and teachings that the Luxe Godhead Leader Ship would unearth as they pioneered in the land of the New Dark Spirit).


Adeline would inform her that The Dark Secret, the book Lorna J. authored and self-published on Amazon, was in fact the new Egyptian Book of the Dead.


Lorna J. had heard of the title of this book, but had no idea of its contents, origin, or purpose.


What she was about to discover, however, would astonish her.


The Unholy Scribe explained that both covers are marked with a Great Eye—the Eye of Horus on the Egyptian Book of the Dead, and the Dark Third Eye on The Dark Secret. (The Dark Third Eye was in fact channeled as a sigil by Lorna J.’s brother, Kasper Kavalaris, as part of a larger work she commissioned from him in 2009, which interestingly is marked with a large infinity sign at the heart of the piece).


Adeline would go on to explain that the content, purpose, manner of creation, and deeper influence of these two books was also essentially the same.


The Dark Secret is a spell book, comprised mostly from snippets of Facebook posts Lorna J. wrote over several years and compiled into a raw, unedited, 817-page set of teachings on the great journey of consciousness from sleep to wakefulness to the new state of Dark Consciousness, which can be found by travelling to the land of the Genius Giants, which humans are now being called to inhabit as a state of Super-Awakening (the “dying alive” state).


(Lorna J. attempted several times to edit and publish the book as one, cohesive work. Every time she attempted to do this, she was rebuffed by circumstances. It became clear that it was meant to remain a compilation of disparate pieces of writing, which would hang together loosely and make whatever sense or nonsense they did. She had no idea at the time why this was meant to be.)


Lorna J. also did not intentionally write The Dark Secret as a spell book (she didn’t intentionally write the book at all. It was created in retrospect). She discovered the spell power of the book in hindsight, as she saw aspects of the book begin to unfold months and years later “in real time,” and as she heard feedback from readers regarding its impact on them, as many began to inform her of fevers, nausea, dizziness, headaches, disorientation, and euphoric altered states of consciousness that happened to them as they were reading.


The Egyptian Book of the Dead is also a spell book. It was also not intentionally written as a cohesive book, but compiled in retrospect from disparate scrolls (which were intentionally written as spells) that ushered the dead on their journey from death to the afterlife (another journey of consciousness, from the sleep of life, to the wakefulness of the afterlife), and which were found in tombs in the Valley of the Kings, which lies along the Nile River just outside Luxor, Egypt.


For those who have been paying closer attention to the codes in the story, you may have already uncovered one additional energetic connection between the two books, which is that The Dark Secret was published using the “digital currency” of Amazon. Depending on which scientist you speak to, the Amazon River is either the longest, or second longest, “current” to the Nile, and the two are the longest “currents” on the planet.


Think Tank Meets Pool of Seers


So now we come to the current day. The current Times.


The Five has become Four, as Colleen Morgan completed the compass work Luxe Godhead requested of her and has moved on to other worlds, and now the Four have begun gathering and spinning and encoding the new myth. A myth which is shredding, under-mining (Mining the Dark within), and re-weaving of myths from the Old Testament, New Testament, The Quran, Ovid’s Metamorphosis, Theseus and the Minotaur and a select few pivotal fairytales, and supplanted and implanted with utterly new codes being written by Lorna J. and Kasper Kavalaris as the spiritual myths of “The Triune,” and “Here Be Dragons.” (As The Frame for the Game, it is fitting that Kasper is living in L.A., the center of the world’s myth-making machine, turning his myth into either a video game, a Netflix series or a series of films, and preparing to code the new narrative of consciousness into the human psyche).


Our Calling


Luxe Godhead, as host to the multicellular, multidimensional frequency of the Egyptian Mystery Schools birthed in Luxor, Egypt, is here to usher in the New Age by weaving together both the ancient and the utterly new mysteries and to teach spiritual revolutionaries, visionaries and disruptors who know they are here to expand and push the boundaries of consciousness—in fields as diverse as commerce, art, story, science, metaphysics, psychology, and religion—to learn how to navigate in the New Dream and more than this, to take their place in the telling (the creation) of the New Metaphysics and, together with their peer Seers, to watch and weave the new fabric of consciousness and psyche into being and form.


We are highly accomplished entrepreneurs, outlaw spiritual pioneers and extreme mystics who are here to teach those who are ready to learn how to unlock their own imperial spiritual genius, which will express itself through radical, innovative endeavours that change the face of culture and consciousness.


This is not about saving the earth, or humans. Neither of which need saving.


This is about playing the biggest game of consciousness, participating at the highest levels in the Energetic Olympics, and going for gold.


The Chance


Those who are selected to join us will be transmuted (changed in form, nature and substance) not only by the crystalline caliber of Luxe Godhead’s Master Code Holder’s thought and revelations about the New Consciousness, but the experience of being in this field will explode their own genius field and begin to generate synchronicities in their own lives that have a mysterious place in the new myth and that they will bring to these discussions and receive assistance in decoding.


If they have been drawn to explore the secrets and mysteries of Egyptian mystery schools, explore the wisdom and magic of ancient and modern mystics, delve into the enchanting spiritual wisdom of myths, archetypes and dreams, and have always wondered how to pull this in to reality and make this kind of magical living matter, this is the place to do just that.


Luxe Godhead is the true Meeting of the Minds of Mines and the Mines of Minds.


The Prologue


This Origin Story was written, though it was not planned beforehand, on what Lorna J. discovered during the writing itself was the first day of Ramadan.


Ramadan comes from the Arabic amada, which means “be hot,” or “burning/scorching heat.” It is a 40-day period in which Muslims observe strict fasting from sunup to sun down and which “brings the fast eleven days earlier each year, eventually causing Ramadan to occur in any season,” meaning it spans space and subverts time. It was during a month of burning, scorching heat—the transmuting fires of spiritual alchemy—that the Quran, the holy book of Islam, was first revealed to the prophet Muhammad by Allah (God).


What this means remains to be revealed. That it has meaning is unquestionable.


At first blush, it appears to me to have something significant to do with Sonika and Naveed’s Dark Love Story—and therefore for the landing of the frequency of Dark Love for the planet—for in order to marry him, her own Dark God, Sonika had to relinquish all she held dear, including the approval of her family and her religion. For she was a Hindu. And he was a Muslim.


- Lorna J., April 24, 2020