Walk with me into a waking dream.

A sprawling, endless sea of magic. 

A tiny, swift alert. 

A soft knock on the door of your imagination.

Your thirst for the fantastic, the surreal, slaked. 

Perhaps at a stop light. In line at the grocery store.

As you lounge on the couch, watching you-name-it, a poor substitute for the magic and mystery you crave. 

Over time you may recognize certain characters, as if you dreamed them before. 

Scenes may collect themselves into a sunny kind of nonsense.

A gratifying drift into each other. 

You may start to wonder if there is something greater at play.

Not just single, dreamy vignettes that transport you for a moment into another time, another dimension, but a collection of signals streaming in from a whole multidimensional world, languidly infiltrating your psyche note by note.

Tone by tone. 

You would be right. 

They are codes of the waking dream winging their way to you through the ether. 

Tastes of magic in the middle of the mundane.

Welcome to the Daily Dose.

Each day a bit of magic wrapped in words will wind its way into your heart.

Your mind.

Your imagination. 

Enchanting you into altered states. 

The fine, earthly details: $30/month.

Daily doses of my white pill waking dream magic.