Presented by Lorna J., Master Code Holder


The time of the Genius Giants is here. The 999 portal opened the gateway for them to stream in. They are the new walk-ins. And they are here with the New Myth.


Their world is spellbinding and surreal.
It is the essence of Dark Euphoria. And as the channel that streams the Genius Giant Frequency, I am here to write and then speak the New Myth Template into you. To install the black door element that invites your genius giant to walk in and take up residence.And along with this, to implant New Creation Codes in your field.


We have moved from being coded (shadow), to decoding (light) to encoding (dark). You are being summoned to take your place among the gods who craft consciousness. Forge utterly new fields. And to do that, you must be spellbound. Only then do you become spellbinding. One who wields the genius codes with ease, by weaving them in precisely with creation codes. And thus you create your bespoke heaven on earth. Tones carry the codes.

In this spellbinding reading of the new spellbook, The Triune, I will be telling you the story of the New Myth of the New Three-In-One, and in this Enchantment, the codes of the Unholy Trinity, will be bestowed into you. Stowed. Like treasure.


We will travel the multiverse. And cast the great spell of awakening. There are many chapters already written, and being written. So this will be an ongoing experience. As always, it will be done in the dark.


We will gather weekly to be transported through the next wormhole of consciousness.


A Triune reading is $25/week and is a live enchanting experience.