Where Hogwarts meets Harvard

Welcome to The Supreme Portal to Entrepreneurial Success


This is where you unlock your spiritual superpowers and build your empire. 


Think of this as Oracle meets Portal. Mystery school meets boardroom.


A stream of unparalleled teachings and channeling on the spirituality of sales, the metaphysics of marketing, the missing link to Law of Attraction, the mechanics of intuition, the energetics of genius and the brass tacks of best-in-class business acceleration methods that provides you with everything you need — energetically and pragmatically — to 10x your sales, halve your hours, work with higher level clients, and charge quadruple your prices, all in 90 days or less, and without having to follow any of the “has to be done this way” rules, wrestle with a single funnel, Facebook ad, or photo shoot (unless that stuff turns you on), change your systems or website, or do much at all to the OUTSIDE of your business.


Because I built this for people like me. People like you. A rebel, iconoclastic, spiritual genius entrepreneur who wants ALL THE RICHES NOW, who does NOTHING in a straight line, who HATES the concept of self study (and has probably never finished ANY digital program or course—which this decidedly is NOT), but who FUCKING LOVES the idea of visiting your own Business Oracle whenever you want, to get the exact answer you need for your specific business challenge (sales or self doubt, marketing or intuition, overcoming objections or tapping into genius) AND that won’t just give you great information (and there IS great information here. 


The best, in fact, but that is also tailored to YOU SPECIFICALLY so it will activate an ACTUAL PARADIGM SHIFT and get you UNSTUCK and QUANTUM LEAPING again (and often for the first time).


Well, here She is: A Wise Business Seer of your own, whose palace has 21 exquisite portals of living consciousness containing the perfect combination of energetic activation for your Entrepreneurial Spirit and brass tacks information for your neurodivergent brain, specifically coded to shatter whatever paradigm is keeping you stuck, so you can leap to your next level in sales and business success.


Think of this as a gorgeously designed ORACLE AND PORTAL TAROT DECK that you will use as a divination system for working with this collection of super-activating teachings and transmissions.


Inside, you will encounter the activation and the teachings you most require for that moment.


Everyone who goes through this material, from total newbies to people who've been doing spiritual entrepreneurial work for decades and have taken #alltheprogramsandcoursesfromallthetoppeeps say this material is STRATOSPHERICALLY more amazing and activating. And yes I’m going to name names so you know the level I’m talking about. My clients come to me having worked with the following huge luminaries:

Lindsay Wilson, a multimillion dollar high-end sales coach who boasts people like Michael Beckwith on her testimonial page, but who was unable to help my client get past six figures where she’d been stuck for seven years, even though she joined Lindsay’s exclusive, high-end, multiple five-figure mastermind. Using my material, she did $300,000 in five months and cut her weekly hours from 40 to 17.

Amanda Frances, a self made multimillionaire spiritual business coach with a 30,000-member Facebook group, who signed my clients into her $100,000 Mastermind and wasn’t able to move the needle with them at all. She wasn’t smart enough or advanced enough for their iconoclastic, supergenius energy.




“Coming from a ‘girl’ who didn’t understand sales, shook on calls, thought ‘Who would pay me more that $300 for what I do?’ to becoming a woman who starts packages at $6,000 now and closes with ease,” Kelly Lunt increased her income 360%, and in less than three months closed over $30K. Not only that, but one of HER clients booked $35,000.



After her first call, Carly Cloer doubled her rates and activated massive transformations with her own clients. "After dating complete shallow losers [one client] attracted the love of her life and they are now living together, another went from $60K to $100K in 2 months (+66%!), and another is in negotiation with 2 separate offers to buy his company (his dream come true!).

"Lorna, I thank God/Universe/Spiritual EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY I FOUND YOU. Joining UnSchool was the absolute BEST decision of my life."


Madeline Rose1

Madeline Rose sold $18,500 in the last quarter of 2017, nearly doubling her sales each of those months and selling her first five figure package in December (when no one is buying, 😉 ). Madeline has only been in business since May, just started selling in October, and also managed to close a coach she was thinking of HIRING just six weeks prior, who'd been working with one of the biggest and well-known coaches in the industry and who told Madeline she’s never been more challenged or had her mind opened more powerfully by any coach other than her. And, after their discovery call, she raised her rates by 60%!

$4,000 IN TWO DAYS



Within two days of her Discovery Call, Debora Luzi booked a $4000 sale and banked $700 cash, for her highest sale ever and her first time taking CASH ON THE CALL, after not having made a sale in two months. She then went on to increase her monthly income 700% in December (you know, the month when no one has any money and no one is buying anything 😉 ).


These are the keys, the tools, this is the magic that will set you free:


    • A stream of unparalleled teachings and channeling on the spirituality of sales
    • The metaphysics of marketing
    • The missing link to Law of Attraction
    • The mechanics of intuition
    • The energetics of genius 
    • The brass tacks of best-in-class business acceleration methods 


All of this will provide you with everything you need — energetically and pragmatically — to create unheard of results like 10x your sales, halve your hours, work with higher level clients, and charge quadruple your prices, all in 90 days or less, and without having to follow any of the “has to be done this way” rules, wrestle with a single funnel, Facebook ad, or photo shoot (unless that stuff turns you on), change your systems or website, or do much at all to the OUTSIDE of your business.

Insider view on the Excellence Menu:


    1. Commencement Day
    2. Your Spiritual Genius & True Worth (The Lover)
    3. Overcoming Objections (The Warrior)
    4. Marketing Mastery (The Magician)
    5. Sales & Prospecting Mastery (The Magician)
    6. Branding Mastery (The Sovereign)
    7. Intuition for Business Mastery (The Magician)
    8. Masterful Coaching & Delivery
    9. Feminine & Masculine Energy
    10. Sex & Sales
    11. Peak Performance + Time Mastery
    12. Developing Authentic Presence
    13. Objections & Role-Playing
    14. The Anatomy of a Graceful Uplevel
    15. Feminine and Masculine Q&A
    16. The Inconvenience of the Feminine
    17. The Magic Man Tool
    18. 4 bonus classes



I'm so proud of the Unschoolers. Together we have done $426,023 in booked business, taken in $197,335.50 in CASH, and achieved an overall success rate of 72%. Most group programs struggle to reach 50% success. But we're no regular group program. We're a bunch of crazy genius record-breaking Aliens 😉  Following are just a few examples of the incredible success the UnSchoolers have seen.

Here is what our students have to say :

*** EPIC 100K SALE *** Paid in Full and 85K CASH in 2 weeks !

1600 $ clients sold into 8K packages for the same content and duration - 24K in 2 weeks

From 2 lines in a episode to 2 Lead ActingRoles in 1 day

£ 17,000 in 1 week - her previous yearly income

$41,000 booked and $36,000 CASH in 6 weeks

From $6,000/Month To $52,000 In 2 Weeks From 1 Sale

$130,000 in 1 day and over $250,000 in 4 months

Collapsed 6 months of Income in 3 weeks

Sold her first $10,000 package 1 day after her Discovery Call



Q: Would UnSchool be a good fit for someone who's just starting out in business? Or is it a better fit for an established business?


A: I created this program as the DREAM program for people just starting out and the one I desperately wish I'd had access to when I was just starting out. If you are an "in the box" kind of thinker and funnels, typical launch strategies (5-part video series, email drip campaigns, fb ads, etc) don't bother you, and you have a good sense of what your genius is, then Dark UnSchool isn't for you. This is for disruptors, iconoclasts and spiritual rebels who NEVER do well inside of typical programs or institutions (because HELLO, they're here to blow those UP so how could the possible do well INSIDE them?!) and who would be MUCH better served starting OUT their business without all that conditioning and programming (that we then have to just clear out anyway once they realize how much time and money they've wasted trying to make it inside those containers). AND, this is also amazing for people who have been in business a long time (like Melissa and Alejandra) but who have never been able to crack the code on their genius and true success for the same reasons - they've been trying to follow a vanilla, tried-and-true approach that just doesn't work for them.



Q: Do you help us see our gifts and help with putting packages together?


A: Hells yes. This is what we will do in our 30-minute 1:1 session. You get 30 minutes with me (equivalent to 3-5 hours with another coach, so like a mini-Intensive) to craft your genius and your gifts into the package that you will sell in the Dark UnSchool. I will channel your market consciousness and help you see into their hearts and minds so you know how to capture their attention and lock in their enchantment with you. This time together allows me to guide and mentor you expertly and swiftly during our 5 minute 1:1s in the Sales Clinic calls, because we’ve had an opportunity to craft your business model together and I will know intimately what your core struggles, gifts and genius is and how to shift them each session so you have rapid awakening and success.



Q: I need serious help closing sales. Do you help with that?


A: Absofuckinglutely. My close rate is 95.5%. My clients have crazy high close rates also. This is one of my superpowers and one of the things that thrills me the most to see shift in my clients. When you can close most of your sales calls, you can work WAY LESS. This is one of the main reasons why I’ve been able to do over $1.5MM in 18 months working an average of only 20 hours a week. Think of all the sales calls I DON’T have to do every week, because my close rate is so high! This can be true for you also. All you need to is to be armed with some key tools and some significant energetic shifts. This is delivered all throughout the program — in the existing UnSchool curriculum (the 16 modules you get), and in my direct sales coaching and training. It’s one of the reasons my clients FALL IN LOVE with selling 😉



Q: Ok, this is great, making all this money. But what about my TIME? Am I going to have to work more??


A: You will likely be required to work LESS.