When Dark Love Reigns

Decoding The Secrets of the Ancient Future of Love

This is a love story told from the future, about a tragedy that befell the masculine and feminine and a Supermassive Synchronicity Spiral that opened up to guide us into a new timeline where we can weave a new ending and avoid the tragic mistake we are in danger of making, which caused the Great Crisis between the masculine and feminine.

And, in the unfolding of that message, the direction and the guidance that came through the synchronicities codes, and the synchronicities spirals, we ended up :

  • Overturning and usurping many of the major myths and fairy tales of Consciousness
  • Uncovering their glitches
  • Learning how to work with super massive synchronicities spirals
  • Deciphering The codes of Dark Love
  • Channeling the Dark God and the Dark Goddess 
  • Decoding the Masculine/Feminine dynamic enigma
  • Unfolding the New Myth

Excerpt from “When Dark Love Reigns,”

by Lorna Gabriel

“ I have travelled to the future and have seen the inevitable ending to the story of the psyche we are weaving.


I have seen what happened that we did not intend.

And when I saw it, I wept.

And when I revealed it to others, they, too, wept.


And then, because we were so moved by the unnecessary tragedy of it — for it happened entirely by mistake — we set about weaving a new future out of all the available timelines of the present.


Whatever they may say about the experience of the journey I took them on — that it is impossible to describe because it cannot be compared to any other experience; that it is like being on mescaline for two weeks; that it puts them in a divine trance; that it is so disorienting and breathtaking they didn’t know how to behave or think for much of the journey itself — while an indication of the kind of intense, transformative magic of the trip, should not color the most important aspect of it, which is this:


We have a nightmare in the making.


(And by now you should know that when I use these words (weep. nightmare. tragedy) — I, who do not cry at any turn of events or use dire language under almost any circumstance — it means something of the utmost significance.)”

This is :

  • A gathering of ShapeShifters and Radical Reinventers whose purpose is to play with energy and who desire to learn, master, and ride with advanced spiritual love decoding practices. For those who want to accelerate through their own wormholes of consciousness.
  • The Dark Love Mystery School you have been waiting for
  • A mystical journey into the Foreign Lands of The Dark, where all Magic happens.


A sneak peak in the Dark Love Gems Menu of more than 20 hours of intense transmissions :


  • Tuning into the Field
  • Understand how to navigate synchronicity and how to use it correctly. If you don’t have the correct use of it, you’ll miss on essential gems to be able to live Dark Love
  • Before the Beginning, The Spirit of Mastery
  • The Reign of Synchronicities / The Ancient Myths
  • Where True Feminine Power lies
  • True Love making
  • The link between Submission and Genius
  • Psycho-Spiritual Catalysts
  • Waking Spirituality: Synchronicity, Spiritual Symbolism, and Language as Portal
  • Develop devotion and mastery
  • And other secret sealed content that can’t be reached or shared publicly of course 😉


“Lorna, you are spinning the most darkly enchanted, devastatingly beautiful mythical alchemical alloys (White and Rose and molten Gold) into The Dark Love Fairy Tale to end (and to begin) all Dark Love Fairy Tales.

This is such a sublime re-organization of the psychic tectonic plates....and a supreme, wretchedly heartbreaking joy to (not) behold.

I  am impaled.”

Gillian Pothier

“ Mescaline induces a psychedelic state with unique characteristics. Subjective effects may include altered thinking processes, an altered sense of time and self-awareness, and closed- and open-eye visual phenomena (THIS IS HOW I FELT THE LAST COUPLE OF DAYS). And this made me realise what Dark Euphoria feels like to me: it's like a drug. Highly addictive. Getting up in the middle of the night to sit in the dark in front of my computer with all of you and Lorna. I know this might sound insane (this word has been on my mind since I woke up this morning, INSANE). At times I feel like I'm going mad over here. Like it drives me into delirium.

As it reads in the song lyrics [“Silvertongue,” by Young the Giant]                                                    .

I'm addicted to madness, but what can I say?”                   .

Lisa Klinger

“Every night I’ve heard you speak I have been in almost a Divine trance.  Not able to grasp all the words but absorbing the energy of every code you are dropping in for us. Wondering how such a weaving is even possible for one person to bring forth and relay.

Last night you spoke in a voice I had not heard from you before...a deep silk vibration is best I can do to explain it. The words you spoke penetrated my being as you expressed my lived experiences in ways I can’t even try to explain.

What is beyond Genius Lorna? Because that is where you have gone, to a place beyond Genius, beyond Mastery, beyond the beyond.”

Adamantia Drimoussis

If you are on this page, you have been longing for this, seeking it. Deep inside, you already know why you landed here. What are you waiting for?