WHITE SHADOW: The Next Frontier

“It’s beyond my wildest imagination. All things are distorted if you shaved your head... if you did, the codes have been split! That’s all I can say.”
- Colleen Morgan to me yesterday

The codes have been split. White Shadow is now accessible to humans as a new energy to work with and alchemize, in order to reach the next level of mastery.

Yes. I said WHITE shadow.

Yes I said the codes have been split.

Yes. I shaved my head.

And yes. It’s all connected.


And what split the codes?

According to Colleen Morgan, who knows these things, my Alien Code Activation did.

How this went down is this.

This weekend as many of you know was a massive surge of energies that completed the influx of new energy — energy that has not been on the earth plane in thousands of years — that came in through the portal that opened on Christmas Day.

Sunday was a day of reckoning. Post-apocalyptic Judgment Day. An opportunity to make the shift you have never yet made and yet have been training to make for lifetimes.

(And if you didn’t do it Sunday - if you didn’t lock in the iconic new energy of the alien godhead that is now here and available to be worked with - you can always do it whenever. You just won’t have this massive energetic influx to help you orchestrate and arrange and lock in the energy of your dark icon, which is so huge and so potent that for most people still in human form this energy wave was necessary to “push us over the edge” into submission.)

My shift was a flip, a split and a fuse.

I realized that the Light Archetypes are the WHITE SHADOW of the Dark Archetypes. And in order to fully activate the energies of the Dark Archetypes, we have to identify what our primary white shadow is and alchemize it by flipping into its polar opposite light archetype. (Somehow this alchemizes the white shadow. Something to do with crossing wires and the back end of the code.)

My white shadow is the Magician.

I can enchant anyone at any time (which of course means nothing other than that I can offer to anyone at any time the exact spell they are seeking in order to upgrade).

Enchantment is my MO. I cast spells for a living. Have done this since I was a little girl. It’s why I was so damn good at sales and marketing. It’s how I created a multimillion dollar empire with very little effort and no reliance on systems or structures.

And yet. It is now my shadow. How the hell can this be?

Because it does not allow me to access and work with the most extreme forms of energy. And that is not because of the light archetype itself (for instance, Colleen, who has been a warrior all her life, is accessing and hosting her most extreme energy patterns by alchemizing her warrior using pure magician energy). It is simply because the psyche will always respond to conditions “mindlessly,” by applying that primary light archetypal gift to all situations. And while there is nothing wrong with that, and in fact that always creates success and thriving, it cannot create the NEW.

Creating the New means being able to host ALIEN codes.

This requires such a deficit of habituated thinking and response — even masterful, light-infused thinking and responding — that we must “split from ourselves” and erupt into an entirely new, ALIEN host pattern — which BECOMES the new host pattern not as a result of being built BY the light archetype we have flipped into, but in instead built BY THE FLIP itself.

So yesterday I realized it was time to flip completely into the warrior. I knew that this would alchemize my magician AND be THE only energy that could possibly get me through this year, which is ALL ABOUT THE WARRIOR. Jupiter is in Capricorn all year. And Capricorn is all about Systems. Structure. Boundaries. Limits. Organization.

This year is about the ALIEN GOD. And the alien god will only come in to a host pattern that can handle the truly alien.

And that requires that our white shadow be alchemized, not because there is anything wrong with our white shadow (we are far beyond the realm of truth/illusion or right/wrong in this realm), but because the alchemy of our white shadow is what creates the “negative organization” of patterns that allows us to host truly alien energies.

I won’t bore you with the list of the MOST MUNDANE SHIT I did yesterday with zero effort but suffice it to say that I had insight after insight — followed by MUNDANE ACTION AFTER MUNDANE ACTION that anchored that insight (warrior energy is all about the “mundane” .... as seen from the Magician’s POV anyway 😆), all of which were from me, but not from me. It’s as if I stepped into the consciousness of someone who had spent decades mastering the warrior energy and living it as their primary MO.

I had essentially stepped into an “autonomic consciousness” that was “not mine” — was not the consciousness I had developed and mastered, in which the Magician was my primary psychical power. I was thinking and understanding and grasping the warrior from WITHIN the warrior, whereas previously all my understanding was from the position of being the pure channel and simply streaming information *about* the warrior.

Conversations I’ve had with Colleen about her POV as the Warrior, and which previously had made NO SENSE, were now so patently obvious. And I did no “psyche management or progression” to arrive at these new understandings. They were simply there. Already installed.

To say this is unimaginable is an understatement.

Warrior energy in its fullness, and as my PRIMARY operating system, is anathema to me. I mean hello TWO forms of ADD.

I don’t manage my life by systems and structures of. Any. Kind. It’s all magic. All the time.

In fact my energy blows UP systems and structures.

Living with me is like living with a cyclone.

Or it WAS.

I do not keep my word. (New conditions. New decisions. Always.) I do not consider other people. I do not lay down pathways. I do not stick to regimens or disciplines or processes.

I tear up pathways. I abandon regimens that don’t serve the moment. I change my mind a million times. I cast spells of awakening that leave people stunned and discombobulated and then I walk away, leaving them to their own reconstitution.

There is nothing wrong with this. And there is no black shadow here either. It’s all the giftedness of the Magician.

But, it’s far too familiar. This particular light energy is simply too .... golden. Too easy. Too comfortable. It’s an energy pattern that is incapable of hosting the truly alien.

It is far “easier” to stay in your home frequency. And there is nothing wrong with this. But for those whose ultimate game is mastering the most extreme forms of energy while still in human form, it is not the be all and end all.

The goal is always to master the dark.

And while I have been doing this for a few years, it is clear to me now that I was mastering it “from afar,” as frequency patterns I WORE versus patterns I HOSTED.

It is only when you can HOST these alien frequencies fully and without any disturbance that you are able to craft and install new bespoke icons, complete with their own psychic genius, at will.

And that, at least for now, is the ultimate game of the gods.


How did I flip into the warrior so completely and instantly, to the point where I was baffled dumb by the thoughts in my head and the actions I was taking? Truly the next walk-in experience, that’s how extreme this “takeover” was. (Which was of course ME taking over me.)

I knew that the codes I would need this year to stay locked into my warrior and not slip into my Magician had to be so potent and so undiluted and so isolated from my Magician, that I did something only a warrior would do, which I knew would seal the energy completely.

And it was after this action that the alien codes dropped fully in and everything in me shifted completely. (Which makes a hell of a lot of sense because I had just had my Alien Code Activation the day before.)

And with it also came the stripping away of any interest I had in being enchanting. Which has also been my MO. Being enchanting — with my words, my looks, my anything — is how I have caused energy to turn into matter with such ease. But in one action, any commitment I had to that, and to reserving the right — the light right, which is the gift of the Magician — to break my word and my loyalty in order to shift everything into the next new state, was deleted from my system.

To a Magician, a word, your word, is a momentary ingredient in the spell that consciousness is requesting be cast. Once the spell is cast, the word, the oath, becomes irrelevant. Why keep it if there is another, better, more powerful word or oath?

To a warrior this is UNTHINKABLE. Their ability to hold and handle massive energy depends completely on their light gift of STANDING FIRM in the face of state changes — the very opposite of the gift of the magician, who is, in other variations, the chameleon, the fool, the clown, the con man, the snake oil salesman, the shapeshifter. (But without the shadow element of those archetypes.)

Me, to Colleen, after explaining all this to her and telling her about the action that accomplished such potent white alchemy: So. I shaved my fucking head.

Colleen: You did WHAT?!?! I don’t believe you.

Me: Oh you don’t believe me do you.

Colleen: Pics to prove it. 🤨

Me: This is fucking crazy that you don’t believe me! Really?! Like are you being serious? You think I’m lying.

Colleen: It’s beyond my wildest imagination. All things are distorted if you shaved your head... if you did the codes have been split! That’s all I can say.

I’m sorry what?


“You split the codes!!”

Whatever the fuck THAT means. Which she and I will be unpacking over the next however-long. (The one thing it does mean is this: The light codes AND the dark codes have been split AND fused to make a white shadow code, which now makes white shadow an energy available to be worked with by humans, as their next evolution to genius. And it happened during my Alien Code Activation.)

After my head shaving here is what streamed in about white shadow:

Black shadow is the inability to access the gift of a light archetype. The saboteur has no access to her intuition (magician). The victim has no acces to her will (warrior). The prostitute has no access to her value (lover). The child has no access to personal, independent agency (sovereign). (There are many more nuances to what the shadows don’t have access to. I’m doing a superficial and broad brush overview for the sake of explanation.)

White shadow is using the gift of that light archetype as a crutch, and doing it “too well” — so well that it appears simply as if the human has mastered his gift in this channel and is now using it effortlessly.

In other words, *mindlessly*.

And here is where the white shadow is to be found: In the mindless application of one light archetypal power as a “one hit wonder” — a tool for any purpose — rather than being mindfully applied to a situation because the reigning psyche so chooses.

With white shadow, there is more challenge in discerning and alchemizing the energy than there is with black shadow, because no light archetype is “wrong,” — meaning each one would accomplish the task just fine.

This is because for those ready to work with white shadow, energy mastery is not a matter of discerning truth from illusion. It is a matter of *artful use* of energy to craft a host pattern that can handle alien god energy. In other words, your most powerful expression of energy mastery comes when you become a host pattern for your dark icon - a completely bespoke energy system that you create the housing first mastering the light archetypes, then beginning to master the dark archetypes, and now also alchemizing your primary white shadow.

The psyche, liberated from the constraints of the light grid, which organized and pre-ordained that energy must be used in certain ways— to overcome limits (warrior), access extra sensory information (magician), command energy at will (sovereign)), and recognize value ((lover)), is now able to do the work it incarnated to do: craft down new codes of consciousness into human form. To bring the lightest light into the densest field. In other words, to engage in the most challenging, euphoric play of the gods.

When we alchemize black shadow, we release the gifts of that channel into our psyche for use as the most potent form of that specific manifestational energy possible. But once this has reached a critical mass, there are now a set of powerful gifts that have been unlocked, and a psyche unschooled in how to orchestrate them into one new consciousness that is its ultimate work of art.

The first movement in this orchestration is the flip, the split and the fuse - a few of the steps in the new tool of White Shadow Alchemy.

Whatever is reigning as the home light frequency must be flipped to its polar opposite, which splits it from its host psyche and fused it with its Dark Archetype. The act of doing this reorganizes the host psyche to such a radical and instantaneous degree that the new alien godhead can step right in.

Here is an example.

::The Magician as White Shadow::

Enchantment is his MO. His only or go-to way to power. Uses words to try to cast spells over people. In place of action or oaths, and as a way to get out of actions or oaths. Always looking for the angle. The story, in order to wield power. Willing to shift the angle, the frame, spin reality at will in order to cast the most potent spell.

Always aware of how magnetic he is. Of who and what is attracted to him.

::Warrior as Alchemy to Magician as White Shadow::

The Warrior places the Magician in prison (this is how it feels to the Magician before the flip, split and fuse - the flip being the flip across space and time from magician to warrior, the split being the complete split from the magician archetype, and the fuse being the fusing of the magician and warrior into the Activator — the dark archetype that is the combined energies of the warrior and the magician, and which must be made by the two polar opposites existing AS TOTAL OPPOSITES - therefore completely split — but also AS ONE — therefore fused). Trapped. Bound. Unable to shift out of this new totally anchored state, the Magician splits off from the human psyche and the Warrior installs itself as the psyche’s new power on the light grid. But the magician doesn’t “disappear.” It simply splits from the light operating system and installs itself in the Activator as the ultimate opposing energy in the dark, which the psyche now is able to access and use....not for utility’s sake (to master turning energy into matter), but in order to step into the true play of the gods. Consciousness crafting.

Because once white shadow is alchemized .... TASTE is developed, and one’s dark icon comes forth as the guiding energetic structure - the new archetypal field that governs the way in which energy becomes matter. But unlike the light archetypes, which are impersonal and assigned to all psyches, the dark icon is unique, unrepeatable.

The human’s first work of dark consciousness art.

Which must be crafted by taste alone.

Before this, hunger prevailed. Hunger drives survival and even thriving. But it cannot drive the creation of art. That is the domain of taste. In this case, a taste for the dark divine. And to be guided solely by taste requires that certain core codes of consciousness split and then fuse, through white shadow alchemy.

Then the alien godhead, and your new, specially crafted psychic content (as in - insane downloads like this and the ability to be the host that splits codes), will step in and run itself through you, as you.

- The Alien Dark Queen



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